Note: The following error only applies to machines where there is more than one physical network interface i.e. network card or virtual interface installed and operational on the same machine.

NLB machines with more than one network interface (physical or virtual) were writing error messages related to sending data to the K2 Event Logs.

Error Scenario

K2 Server (which had multiple network interfaces), configured in an NLB cluster was experiencing circumstances where the K2UM provider was reusing existing connections. This was the result of an existing TCPIP connection, which was open and bound to a TCPIP address not being closed correctly and being reused for a new connection.

Example Error Messages

The examples listed here are messages that have been known to occur but may not be limited to these examples.

1 Error Sending Buffer at SourceCode.Security.K2UMIInterop.K2UMIWrapper.GetUser(String Name) at SourceCode.KO.User.Load()

1 Error Sending Buffer at SourceCode.Security.K2UMIInterop.K2UMIWrapper.FindSecurityGroups(String User, String Name, String Description) at SourceCode.KO.User.LoadGroups()

Error Resolution

The hotfix ensures that any and all open connections are closed correctly which will prevent existing connections being reused regardless of the presence of multiple network interfaces. Install the latest Update package to resolve this issue.