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It is possible within K2 blackpearl to switch off the K2 server discovery feature to ensure that developers will only be able to see their own K2 server and not those of other developers. 

There are two ways of doing this:

Important: With the release of K2 4.6.9 the SourceCode.Workflow.Runtime.Management.config has been consolidated into a single configuration file called K2HostServer.exe.Config file, which is located in the \K2 blackpearl\Host Server\Bin folder on the K2 Server. The connection strings previously stored in these files are now retrieved from theK2HostServer.exe.Config file.


  1. Browse to C:\Program Files\K2 BlackPearl\Workspace\Site
  2. Open Management.xml with a text editor like Notepad
  3. Change the <add port="49599" timeout="1000"  /> to <add port="0" timeout="1000"  />

Note: Altering Workspace > Management.xml file:

Will cause Management Console to not search for any servers and only ones explicitly added into the Management.xml file will appear in the Management Console in Workspace


  1. Browse to C:\Program Files\K2 BlackPearl\Host Server\Bin
  2. Open DiscoveryService.config with a text editor like Notepad
  3. Change the <add key="ListenPort" value="49599"  /> to <add key="ListenPort" value="0"  /> 

Note: Altering HostServer > DiscoveryService.config file:

  • Will cause ONLY the altered server to not broadcast it’s presence and ONLY the altered server will not appear in the Management Console.
  • To be effective, ALL servers which you do not wish to appear in the Management Console needs to be altered.