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How to enable the Exchange Form on the Default Client Event Wizard

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By default the Exchange Form has been removed from the Default Client Event Wizard. By adding an entry to the ConfigurationManager.config file, as shown in the code sample below, the Exchange Form will be visible again. 


Add the entry as shown below to the ConfigurationManager.config file to enable viewing of the Exchange Form. 

Code Sample:

<propertyWizard text="Client Event Item" description="" makeAvailableOffline="false" minVersionRequired="" type="SourceCode.Workflow.Wizards.DefaultClient.ClientEventItemPropertyWizard" assembly="SourceCode.Workflow.Wizards, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=16a2c5aaaa1b130d" name="Client Event Item Property Wizard">


    <add key="ExchangeFormVisible" value="true" />