If the K2 Server, K2 Client Machine or SQL Server machines have different regional settings Silverlight throws an error on some workflows.

Error Scenario
Silverlight may throw an error for certain workflows owing to the date format which is determined by the regional settings. This error is most likely to occur when the regional settings of the K2 Server and the K2 Client machine are not the same at the time when the process is started.

Error Messages

The following error message is known to occur but may not be limited to such.

Debugging resource strings are unavailable. Often the key and arguments provide sufficient information to diagnose the problem. See
at SourceCode.Viewflow.SLViewer.ViewContainer._webServiceSoapClient_GetInstanceXMLCompleted(Object sender, GetInstanceXMLCompletedEventArgs e)
at SourceCode.Viewflow.SLViewer.VFService.WSViewFlowSoapClient.OnGetInstanceXMLCompleted(Object state)

Error Resolution

The error may be resolved by upgrading the current installation to the latest Update package. If the error persists please contact your regional support center for further assistance.