Installations with their regional settings configured for non- English such as French, the manner in which the date is formatted and then later handled by the system resulted in SQL not being able to support the Date Format.

Error Scenario

When an installation has its regional settings set for French, the date is returned in a format which when reformatted by the K2 EventBus Scheduler resulted in SQL Server being unable to support the resulting date and its format.

Note: This error is known to occur when the regional setting are changed from English to a Non- English environment for example French. Other non- English regions may also be similarly affected as described in this article.

Reproduction Steps

Using a system that has not had the regional settings set for French previously,
1) Set Service account regional settings to French
2) Set the SQL Server default language to French
3) From Process Portals Schedule a instance to start (New Functionality in K2 4.5 with Update KB001230)
4 The error will be evident when the user attempts to save the schedule

If a SQL Trace is run to troubleshoot the error, the issue is the use of a period as part of the formatting which is not necessary. See below:



Error Message

The error shown below is one that is known to occur as a result of the issue described above but may not be limited to such.


Error Resolution

The above item has been resolved and can be corrected by installing the latest Update package.