Previously, a number of runtime issues existed when using zones > workingHourConfigurations with the following:

  • Escalations
  • Performing Zone Calculations using the management API

The runtime issues were known to occur when the following items have been configured:

  • Having special days added to zones
  • Implementing a nightshift like working hour configuration,
  • Exception and special days for different years
  • Differences between the calculations for escalations and for the Management API.

Error Scenarios

Note: The error scenarios identified below are circumstances underwhich the errors are known to occurr, but may not be limited to the list below.

Error Scenarios for Escalations using Zones:

  1. Adding special days after work hours caused the working hours before the special day time to be ignored in the calculation
  2. Exception and Special days set for the following year were included in the calculations for the current year
  3. Adding a special day on a nonworking day (i.e. Saturday), resulted in the special day being ignored.

Error Scenarios for Zone calculations using the Management API:

  1. Exception days were completely ignored
  2. When using a nightshift like working hours configuration, the calculation would not go over into the next day’s morning
  3. The same calculation performed by the Management API would give a different result as the same calculation configured on an Escalation
  4. When a special day was added before the working hours commenced, the subsequent day’s working hours were ignored
  5. When the GMT Offset feature was set, it was not taken into account if the zone’s GMT offset was different from the K2 Server's GMT Offset


  1. If a working day’s time is set to end at 17:00 (i.e. the last working block selected is 16:30 – 16:59:59) and a calculation’s end result falls on 17:00, the result will be set to the first second of the next available working hour block as 17:00 is actually part of the next block
  2. The Management API will now take the GMT offset into account if the zone’s offset differs from the server’s GMT offset
  3. Exception and Special dates set for the following year will only be used for calculation for the intended year.

Error Resolution

The above error has been resolved and can be corrected by installing K2 blackpearl Update with KB001350