When upgrading from a previous version of K2 to K2 blackpearl 4.5 with Update KB001230 a change in behavior is encountered post installation and is realized at design time. The K2 Process Designer will encounter a situation where not all the expected fields will surface on the ‘SharePoint MetaData’ screen i.e. within the K2 for SharePoint Wizard.

Error Scenario

While creating a SharePoint Process, K2 Process Designers encountered a number of fields which are base SharePoint types or derived from base types that although they did not surface in the Content Type View, would surface in a List View.
The result was that although the data field could be viewed in the List View, it could not be consumed at design time since it was not surfacing in the K2 SharePoint Wizard.

Error Messages

No specific error messag is associated with this error.

Error Resolution

The above error has been resolved to ensure that when the View is created from within SharePoint, the fields which display there are the same fields that the K2 for SharePoint wizards will surface.

The above error has been resolved and can be corrected by installing the latest Update package.