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K2 blackpearl with Update KB001420 includes a new feature known as K2 SmartActions. K2 SmartActions enables an end user to action Worklist items without the need of a user form; provided the actions to be performed do not need some required data to be updated on the work item.


The K2 SmartActions feature leverages the existing Action feature, which is known to the process Developer. Actions already exist within the Process and the e-mail notification will require an update to facilitate K2 SmartActions only if the existing notification does not contain the serial number.

The following items require changes: 

SmartActions can only perform actions that are available when the item has not been opened (also known as batchable actions). This can be controlled using the option shown below.

The e-mail notification template must contain either the Worklist Item Serial Number context or the Worklist Item Link context (under Work Item Context in the object browser) which enables the serial number of the process instance to be added to the Outgoing e-mail to the end user. If the serial number is not included, the K2 Server will be unable to associate the incoming response from the end user with a process instance and will therefore be unable to process it.

E-mail Notifications

There are two possible outcomes for updating the e-mail notification template depending on how the template was configured when the process was originally deployed.

If K2 is being upgrade and the E-mail Notification was for “Send a standard or customized notification to the destination users” on a client event, and you have not customized the template on the K2 Server the notification template will be upgraded to contain the serial number. No further action is needed as all new notifications will be sent correctly with the serial number present.

However, if this template was customized in ‘{K2 BlackPearl}\Host Server\Bin\ SourceCode.EventBus.ClientRecorder.DLL.mailTemplate’, the file will not be updated on an upgrade and therefore the user will have to add the serial number to the template.

If the “Customize the Notification Message” option was used to begin with, then all that is required is to drag and drop the Serial Number context from the context browser under “Worklist Item Instance” onto the mail message. 

Note: If the Worklist Item link is already present, then this is not needed as the serial number is contained as part of the URL and SmartActions will pick it up from there.


On any new client events, the custom option will already have the footer at the bottom of the mail message that contains the serial number.

Further Customizing the End User Messaging

If additional customization is required, this information is available from the K2 Documentation, see the bread crumbs below:

Configure K2 SmartActions: Installation and Configuration > Configuration > K2 SmartActions > Pre-Installation
Design Time Usage: Usage > Worklist > K2 SmartActions > K2 SmartActions > K2 SmartActions Design Time