K2 users will experience intermittent slow performance when opening their worklists if there are invalid URLs in the GroupProviders table of the K2 HostServer database, i.e. - an old site collection. This will cause 404 errors, as the site collection has been deleted but the GroupProvider reference remains.

The effect on performance will be intermittent as the delay will only occur once the user session has expired in the identity service and the K2 Server then needs to reconnect.

Error Messages
The HostServerLog file will contain 404 errors as the web service can't find the site collection due to the invalid URL. With Update KB001370 or later installed, the HostServerLog file will also show which groupprovider is causing the issue.

The GroupProviders URL values can be edited either through the Management Console of K2 Workspace, or by directly editing the GroupProviders table in the K2HostServer database.

Note: The steps in this article are simplified and not all steps are shown or described.
Using the Management Console
  1. Open K2 Workspace
  2. Navigate to Management Console -> User Managers -> K2
  3. Edit the Group Providers Site URL value so that it contains a valid URL

Editing the Database
  1. Open the K2HostServer database
  2. Locate the GroupProviders table
  3. Edit and update xml <init> server property