When the user actions their worklist item an object reference error surfaces. The error is known to occur even though the process may be actioned synchronously or asynchronously.

Error Scenario

The end user attempts to action their worklist item, and when they do an exception is thrown.
The exception would take place whether the worklist item was actioned synchronously or asynchronously. Along with the exception a deadlock would be introduced. The process instance state would also require changes be made. One of these changes would be the removal of rights for the current user when finalizing the worklist item’s completion.

Error Resolution

An enhancement has been introduced to the manner in which a process is actioned. When the item is actioned, the process is now handled as a single transaction which includes the cleanup of user rights for the user actioning the current worklist item. This approach provides a better context for the K2 Server ensuring that all tasks associated with a worklist item is completed correctly.

Managing Errors

The error handling has been enhanced for both synchronous and asynchronous actioning of the worklist item.

• If actioned asynchronously, and an error occurs, the error will be written to a log file.
• If actioned synchronously, and an error occurs then the error will be written to the log file along with an error message which is presented to the user.


This issue has been resolved in the latest K2 4.5 Update KB001420 (4.10060.1.1420)