Referenced assemblies, were incorrectly referenced after they were added to the project. This led to errors when changes were made to the *.kprx file.

Note: This feature has also been enhanced to enable the process developer to retain the orignal location from where the assembly originated.

Error Scenario

The *.kprx file contains references to assemblies which are normally added to the process as shown below. However, if the requirement is that the references MUST be kept in a file location external to the standard location, this may result in an error where the assembly could not be found.


Repro Steps

The K2 Project is created and includes a reference to a location on the local hard drive. When the process is saved and then later reopened, the error "‘dll name here’ cannot be found" would be generated.

Note: If the *.kprx file was opened using a standard ASCII text editor, an investigation would reveal that the *.kprx file would have referenced the assembly in ..\bin\[assembly.dll] and not the location that was originally provided.

Feature Enhancement

Shown in the image above, when the reference is added the option is available to Copy Local. If this option is checked, then the assemblies are copied to the local bin folder. The original location which may be external to the project in which it has been consumed is preserved. At a later time, the Copy Local option can be disabled, and the assembly will be referenced by the external location provided it is still available.

Error Messages

The following error message may have been enounterd. The error message provided is one that is known to occurr but may not be limited to it.

'dll name [Assembly Reference]’ cannot be found


Error Resolution

This issue has been resolved in the latest K2 4.5 Update KB001420 (4.10060.1.1420)