Note: K2 Studio does not support running under a SQLUM user account.

When authoring a process using K2 Studio, the user account under which the process is created is a non-SQLUM account. When the process is deployed however, the process can be deployed to a K2 Server which uses SQLUM. For the process to run the Host Server connection string must be updated to disable integrated security. If this change is not made, errors will be generated.

Active Directory and SQLUM can be configured on the same environment, but not to enable the user to choose which authentication method to use for the same system. For example, K2 Workspace can use either Active Directory or SQLUM, but not both even if both are available in the same environment. The configuration settings are implemented using a configuration file which is read once at system or service start up and multiple, simultaneous security provider support is not available.

Connection String Update

To update the connection string, perform the following steps as shown in the image. A text description is provided below.

  1. From the K2 Studio > Object Browser, locate the SmartObject Server and expand it
  2. Right click and select Edit Field
  3. Locate the Connection String Field and click on the ellipses
  4. Locate the Integrated Security check box and disable it
  5. Change the label to K2SQL
  6. Enter the Username and Password
  7. Click OK
  8. Deploy the process

In the event that the above changes are not implemented, the following errors can be expected:

  • Notification Service: Task Error: System.Exceptcn: SourceCode.Hosting.Exceptions.AuthenticationException: Primary Credentials Not Authenticated
  • The "SourceCode.DeploymentTasks.NotificationService.NotificationTask" task failed unexpectedly.