Important: This Knowledge Base article has been updated and is now available in the K2 Five Configuration and Installation Guide > Configuring a secondary Runtime site

The default SmartForms Runtime site uses Windows Authentication and authenticates to Active Directory. 

If public users, who don't belong to a company's Active Directory or other User Manager groups, are required to open SmartForms, Anonymous Access rights can be assigned to these people.

Anonymous Access is granted on a specific Internet Information Services (IIS) web site, application or virtual directory. SmartForms supports Anonymous Access by using the Application Pool Account user to log into K2 HostServer on the site that is created for these users. Either all access to K2 on this site is Anonymous from an IIS perspective or Windows or Forms Authentication is applied.

Should the need arise to grant certain users Anonymous Access rights and other users Windows or Forms Authentication rights, two runtime sites can be installed where one is configured for Anonymous Access and the other for Authenticated Access.


Follow the steps below to set up a secondary SmartForms Runtime site for internet users using Anonymous Access. 

  1. Make a copy of the K2 SmartForms Runtime folder:
  2. Paste the folder into the following location and provide a name for the copied folder:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\K2 blackpearl

    Note: The copy of the SmartForms Runtime folder needs to be in the same install path and also needs to be at the same folder level (i.e. it cannot be nested) in order to share the same license key. If you create the new folder in another location it won’t be licensed and you will receive a licensing error when accessing the new path.


  3. In Internet Information Services Manager (IIS), under the K2 site, add a new Application.
  4. Specify an alias for the new application. For the physical path, copy the path of the folder that you created earlier. Ensure the Application pool value is the same as the original Runtime application.
  5. Verify that the site is running by accessing the new runtime URL. It should load similarly to the default SmartForms Runtime URL, e.g.

    http://[Base URL]/RuntimeInternetUsers/Runtime/Form/<form name>/

    Alternatively click on the new Application, then click on Browse in the Manage Application section on the right as shown below:

  6. The site can now be configured to run under fixed account credentials (Anonymous Access). For details on Anonymous Access, see the following topic in the help documentation:
  7. Once the Anonymous Access is successfully configured, the K2 smartforms setup is able to handle different types of authentication methods.