On all versions of K2 blackpearl with K2 smartforms installed, if K2 blackpearl is repaired from the K2 Setup Manager, K2 smartforms integration in K2 Studio and K2 Designer for Visual Studio will encounter issues. The SmartForms Client Event and SmartForms Integration Event will display an error when dragged onto the design canvas or will not appear in the Toolbox.


After the repair option is run from the K2 blackpearl K2 Setup Manager on any version of K2 blackpearl with K2 smartforms installed, errors are raised when interacting with K2 smartforms.

  • In K2 Studio, the SmartForms Client Event and the SmartForms Integration wizards do not appear in the toolbox.
  • An error similar to the image below is received when dragging a SmartForms Client or Integration wizard in K2 Designer for Visual Studio, onto the canvas.

The reason these errors are encountered are due to the repair option overwriting the K2 smartforms configuration files.


Once a repair is performed on a K2 blackpearl installation, also repair the K2 smartforms installation from the K2 smartforms K2 Setup Manager. This will ensure the K2 smartforms configuration files are in place.

Note that if you are only performing a repair on K2 smartforms, nothing needs to be done to the K2 blackpearl installation.