When creating a SmartObject from a SharePoint List or Library, the incorrect List or Library name is stored in the Link to Item property of the SharePoint SmartObject.  The Link to Item property is populated with the SharePoint List/Library Display Name instead of the Internal Name created by SharePoint.  When referencing the Link to Item property in an e-mail event for example, the URL cannot be browsed due to the incorrect value stored in the property.


  • Create a new Custom List in SharePoint and name the List Custom List.
  • Go to the List settings and select to edit the List Name.
  • Change the List Name to Custom List A.
  • Add a few list items to the list.
  • Create a SmartObject from the list via {Your SharePoint Site}>Site Settings>K2 Site Settings>K2 SmartObject Site Lists and Libraries.
  • Create a SharePoint Workflow Integrated process and add an E-mail event to the process as one of the events.
  • Drag the Link to Item property from the Custom List A SmartObject GetList method to the e-mail.  See image below.


  • Finish the wizard.
  • Deploy the process and start an instance of the K2 process.
  • Open the e-mail sent to the destination user.  See image below.

  • Note that the SharePoint List Name in the URL displays the Display Name instead of the SharePoint Internal Name.
  • Click on the link provided.  The link cannot be browsed.  See image below.



This Hotfix is contained within the Latest Update. Install the update package to resolve the issue.  The Link to Item property will now correctly reference the SharePoint List/Library Internal Name and not the Display Name.


  • The Hotfix will only be applied to newly started K2 process instances. 
  • Existing running process instances will still reflect the SharePoint List/Library Display Name and not the Internal Name. 
  • Only newly started process instances will reflect the Link to Item property correctly as the SharePoint Internal Name.