When creating a SmartObject from a SharePoint List or Library, after renaming the SharePoint List or Library of which the SharePoint SmartObject originated from, an error occurs when executing the SharePoint SmartObject.  This is due to the SharePoint List or Library Display Name being stored in the Service Instance instead of the SharePoint Internal Name.

Error Scenario

  • Create a new Custom List in SharePoint and name the List Custom List.
  • Create a SmartObject from the list via {Your SharePoint Site}>Site Settings>K2 Site Settings>K2 SmartObject Site Lists and Libraries.
  • Create a SharePoint Workflow Integrated process and add an E-mail event to the process as one of the events.
  • Reference some of the SharePoint SmartObject Properties in the E-mail event.
  • Deploy the process and start an instance of the K2 process.
  • Note that the referenced SmartObject properties returns correctly.
  • Go to the List settings and select to edit the List Name.
  • Change the List Name to Custom List A.
  • Start another instance of the K2 process.
  • The process instance will go into error state with an error stating:  “server unable to process this request as list Custom List doesn’t exist”.


This Hotfix is contained within the K2 4.6.5 Update. Install the update package to resolve the issue.