When using SharePoint 2013 in native mode, the Page Viewer Web Part does not display a SmartForm. When SharePoint 2013 is running in 2010 compatibility mode, the SmartForm is displayed as expected.

No error is shown, the control simply does not work.


Figure 1: SharePoint 2013, no SmartForm displayed



Figure 2: SharePoint 2013 in 2010 mode, SmartForm displayed as expected.


Testing for this issue

There are a number of possible causes for this issue, this specific troubleshooting topic deals with user permissions.

If you try adding another Web Part, a 'tag cloud' for example, and receive the following error, this is likely the issue you are having. See the resolution below.


Figure 3: Web Part error



Log in as the sp_farm account, or an account with Designer permissions which are necessary to add the Page View Web Part.


Figure 4: Web Part issue resolved

Note: In SharePoint, the permission to add web parts to pages is called Add and Customize Pages. If you do not have this permission, the K2 web parts remain unconfigured in a broken state.