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K2 Server Thread Pool settings

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K2 server runs several background threads for performing queued tasks such as logging, IPC calls, asynchronous operations and so on. While these threads are by default configured to work optimally for the majority of K2 environments, the attributes of these threads can be customized using the K2Server.setup file to adjust and potentially improve the performance of the K2 enviornment. For example: if there are a great number of IPC items, you may want to increase the number of IPC threads available so that K2 can process the IPC calls efficiently.

Important:  Modifying the thread settings is considered an advanced task and should only be performed if you understand the impact of these changes. Keep a backup of any modified files so that you can revert to the original settings if needed.

Please download and refer to the PDF document attached to this KB article for information on Thread Pool settings.