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KB001529 is a list of high priority issues for K2 blackpearl 4.6 and K2 blackpoint 4.6 that have now been resolved.

Issues Resolved:

K2 Server

  • Unable to process workflow instances or start new instances as K2 becomes unresponsive at regular intervals. After a reboot of the K2 Server the functionality returns to normal.

K2 Designers and Wizards

  • Using more than one Task Group within a K2 Designer for SharePoint User Task, where the destination is a SharePoint group, the process instance will result in an error stating:"28031 Xmlfield task_Destinations not found" at the time the specific User Task is reached.
  • If more than one SmartObject server environment field exists, an error will occur at deployment of a K2 Designer for SharePoint process.  The error will be similar to: "There are multiple root elements; Line 1 position 124".  If more than one Mail server environment exists and notifications are used within K2 Designer for SharePoint, notification e-mails will fail to send.
  • Configuring an outcome or line rule within K2 Designer for SharePoint with a rule where the left side of the rule is set to an integer data field and the right is set to an expression which will return a decimal, an error occurs at runtime stating that the Input string was not in the correct format.
  • When using an inline function that requires an array type (list) as an input, the process instance will go into error state when it reaches the step containing the inline function.  The error will be similar to: "Must be an array type".
  • Unable to edit the Mailbox database server field when rerunning the Exchange Event Wizard. The Mailbox database server will revert to the previous value upon finishing the wizard.
  • Creating a new user via the AD Event Wizard resulted in the username/logon name being displayed in Active Directory instead of the Display Name specified.
  • A deployment error occurs in K2 Designer for SharePoint stating: "System.Exception: System:ArgumentException: Must specify valid information for parsing in the string.", if the process contains a data event for example with a Get List method configured and the return option was not selected.

SharePoint Integration and InfoPath Integration

  • Updating a Managed Meta Data SharePoint column in a Document Library with a blank value or empty string inline function, does not clear the managed Meta Data SharePoint column.
  • Copying managed Meta Data from one document set to another document set results in an error stating "Server was unable to process request. ---> Value does not fall within the expected range" when starting an instance of the process.
  • Updating a document’s Meta Data within a SharePoint Document Library after deleting one of the columns within this Document Library, results in an error stating: "Server was unable to process request. ---> Column 'Column' does not exist. It may have been deleted by another user." 
  • Publishing a browser enabled InfoPath form, containing SmartObjects and web services, to a SharePoint Form Library results in duplication in the URL.  The user is then unable to open an InfoPath form from a worklist item using Form Services.
  • Unable to set an InfoPath form as content type on an InfoPath web part within SharePoint after upgrading to K2 blackpearl 4.6.1.  An error occurs stating: "The InfoPath form template for the selected content type cannot be loaded. The form template was not designed for InfoPath Forms Services and cannot be rendered in the browser".
  • Having two SharePoint site environment fields with the same name, causes an error stating: "An entry with the same key already exists" when trying to activate all features in SharePoint.  This is due to being incorrectly allowed to create duplicate fields.
  • Assigning roles as destination users results in an error message stating: "FQN not in correct format - label:username", when attempting to access the Management Worklist web part in SharePoint.
  • Attempting to upload a document from one SharePoint Document Library to another, where the same document already exists in the destination Document Library with null Meta Data, the process instance goes into error state with an error message stating: "-Server was unable to process request. ---> Object reference not set to an instance of an object".
  • Unable to edit an existing Out of Office rule from SharePoint Process Portal>Administration>Out of Office Users, after the rule has been edited previously and special characters were used in the rule.
  • Uploading a document to a SharePoint Document Library after editing the library name, results in the "list URL" node in the Content Field being incorrectly populated with the Document Library display name instead of the library name.
  • The control options of the Managed Meta Data columns are not being displayed in the correct format on the Start Form and User Form of a K2 Designer for SharePoint process.
  • When using the Document Event to create a Document Set on a SharePoint site collection with the Enterprise>Record Center template being the default SharePoint Record Library on the SharePoint site collection, an error occurs stating: "Server was unable to process request. ---> The system cannot find the file specified. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070002)"
  • After upgrading to K2 blackpearl 4.6, an incorrect value is returned as the DateTime value within an InfoPath form using a SmartObject method to return the value. This then results in an error within the InfoPath form stating: "Only Date or only Date and Time allowed".
  • The K2 SharePoint Workflow Integration InfoPath Forms are not upgraded when running the K2 SharePoint Configuration Wizard while upgrading K2 blackpearl or K2 blackpoint.
  • Running the Interval Graph Web Part report with Instance Count Measure filter selected causes the Y-Axis Label to be unreadable when large instance counts exist.

K2 Workspace and Process Portals


  • When editing the SharePoint Group Provider from K2 Workspace>Management Console, the Provider Type is empty.
  • Attempting to set the "get stored procedure" in the Oracle Service Object Settings from K2 Workspace>Management Console, results in an error stating: "object reference not set to an instance of object”.
  • Redirecting a K2 worklist item from K2 Workspace worklist does not send the notification e-mail to the redirected user.
  • Running the User Performance Report from either K2 Workspace or Process Portal results in an error when the selected Activity Name contains an ampersand (&). Error message will be similar to: "An error occurred while parsing EntityName."
  • Process Permissions for users change after starting a SharePoint Workflow Integrated Process.
  • Users with no rights on the K2 Server are able to remove licensed users and edit license details from K2 Workspace>Management Console>Licensing as well as from K2 Process Portals.


  • Performance issues occurred at the time of retrieving worklist items for destination users that were part of a SharePoint Group.  This was due to the API having to retrieve all user information to ensure the user has rights on SharePoint.


  • Service Instances with custom passwords fail to retain the password after upgrading to K2 blackpearl 4.5 KB001200.  This then results in an error message when attempting to refresh the service instance after the upgrade.
  • The K2 Setup Manager becomes unresponsive when attempting to install on an environment containing large numbers of exchange servers.
  • Upgrading K2 blackpearl does not preserve the custom properties field in the Account management service or modifications done on the AD User SmartObject.


K2 smartforms

  • Attempting to delete a parent activity containing subsequent child activities from the Workflow Designer in K2 smartforms, results in Silverlight becoming unresponsive.

K2 SmartActions

  • When creating an application to write all SmartActions e-mails to a text file to be saved locally causes the text file that gets written to be empty.

K2 SmartObjects and Services

  • The "GetGroupsByUser" Method from the AD SmartObject fails to work on users from a second forest within the environment. Users from the second forest are not returned.
  • The "OR" statements are not recognised when used in a filter on SmartObject properties using AD Service 2.
  • Unable to connect to the Mailbox database server in an environment where the Client Access Server and Mailbox server is separate.