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K2 4.6.5 (4.12060.1550.0) High Priority Fixes

This article has been archived, and/or refers to legacy products, components or features. The content in this article is offered "as is" and will no longer be updated. Archived content is provided for reference purposes only. This content does not infer that the product, component or feature is supported, or that the product, component or feature will continue to function as described herein.


KB001549 is a list of high priority issues for K2 blackpearl 4.6.5 that have now been resolved.

Issues Resolved

K2 Server

  • When redirecting a worklist item from one user to another, an entry is logged in the K2Serverlog _ActInstAudit table.  When redirecting the worklist item for the second time, the entry is not logged.
  • After restarting the K2 HostServer and the first user to execute a SmartObject has no rights on the server, an error occurs stating: “Could not load file or assembly SourceCode.SmartObjects.RuntimeObjectFactory. Access denied".
  • After restarting the K2 Service, executing a SmartObject as a user that is part of the Local Administrators group on the K2 Server, an "Access is Denied" error occurs.

K2 Designers and Wizards

  • Unable to expand SmartObjects in the Context Browser from an IPC Event to make use of SmartObject data in the "Process Send Field Mappings".  This occurs in both K2 Designer for Visual Studio and K2 Studio.
  • An error occurs stating: "System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object" when navigating to the "Process/Activity data" tab from the K2 Object Browser before opening a K2 Project.  This occurs in both K2 Designer for Visual Studio and K2 Studio.
  • An error occurs stating: "28042 IPC Failed to Start: 28006 Datafield TestXML not found" when using the IPC Event to send a Process XML data field to the child process.  The child process then fails to start.
  • After upgrading K2, attempting to update a document’s content control using the Word Document Event in a process, an error occurs stating: "Exception Error Message: Server was unable to process request. ---> Object reference not set to an instance of an object".  The error only occurs on a document that previously existed in a Document Library on a SharePoint sub site.
  • The Workflow Context Browser is not available for use on the Process Send Field Mappings screen of the IPC Wizard.
  • When creating a Miscellaneous Field from the K2 Object Browser in either K2 Designer for Visual Studio or K2 Studio, the field value does not update when refreshing the field from the K2 Object Browser after changing the value from either K2 Workspace or K2 Process Portal.
  • The K2 E-mail Event can now be configured to enable authenticated SMTP when configured in Advanced Mode.
  • When using the SharePoint Documents Event to create a document set, the document set fails to create when running a process instance.  This is due to the incorrect requirement of all User Fields that need to be populated on the Document Set Metadata screen. When the workflow is started and reaches the Create Document step, an error occurs stating: “Server was unable to process request. ---&gt; Value cannot be null.”
  • When a K2 Process is created in a folder and an instance of the process goes into an error state, K2 Process Management from Visual Studio fails to open.  An error occurs stating: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object".
  • When deleting a project item from a K2 Studio solution, the tree view does not refresh.
  • Unable to resize columns for the Input Properties in the K2 SmartObject Wizard. This occurs when using SmartObject properties in an E-mail Event for example.
  • After removing the Folio field part in the K2 Designer for SharePoint Settings Wizard on the Workflow Name screen, text entered in the Folio field part is not saved.
  • When adding a K2 Designer for SharePoint Event as a Favorite, an error occurs when dragging the event from the Favorites tab to a workflow step.
  • An error occurs stating: "Identifier already exists in this workflow" when editing a Copy Document Event in K2 Designer for SharePoint.
  • E-mails sent by either a K2 notification or E-mail Event is not according to the RFC specifications. This causes the E-mail to be treated as potential SPAM by Microsoft Exchange and are being purged.
  • When adding an HTML template to an E-mail Event in K2 Designer for SharePoint, the Message Format options will be disabled as the template is in HTML preview mode. 
  • An incorrect error occurs in the Expression Builder when comparing a Data Field to a value and the value does not contain quotations.
  • When using a Data Field in the Item Reference Event, and the value of the Data Field contains an invalid URL, an exception occurs when attempting to edit the Item Reference Event.
  • When configuring the Exchange Event with the Send Meeting Request option in either K2 Designer for Visual Studio or K2 Studio, the wizard can be incorrectly completed without configuring all the required properties.
  • When using Context sensitive data parts in any of the K2 Process Wizards in either K2 Designer for Visual Studio or K2 Studio, an error occurs stating: "Unable to determine the container for the workflow user context part '' used in 'SourceCode.Workflow.Authoring.K2Field".
  • When the From address field is blank in the environment library field the incorrect mail address will be used in Notification e-mails. This will also occur if selecting a user that does not have an e-mail address when configuring the notification e-mail.

SharePoint Integration and InfoPath Integration

  • When using a Data Field in a Data Event to transfer data using a SharePoint Workflow Integrated process, duplicate data entries reflect in the Process Overview Report when navigating to the Process Instance Data.
  • When starting a SharePoint Workflow Integrated process instance on a SharePoint List created on a Managed Path SharePoint Site and the SharePoint List has been renamed, an error occurs indicating that the SharePoint Fields cannot be loaded.  The error will occur if SharePoint Fields were added on the Start and Client pages of the SharePoint Workflow Integration process.
  • When using a SharePoint Search Event in a process linked to a SharePoint List, after renaming the SharePoint List the incorrect URL is returned in the process instance when the SharePoint Search Event is reached.
  • When using the Upload InfoPath Form Event configured with a Multi-Line Control, a question mark appears after each paragraph in the Multi Line Control of the form after the InfoPath form is uploaded.
  • When creating a SharePoint Content Management SmartObject from a Document Library in a sub site of a Managed Path Site Collection, the Managed Path Site Collection section is duplicated in the URL of the “link to item” metadata return property.  This occurs when executing the “upload document” method.
  • SharePoint Lists created as "Custom List in Datasheet View" is not available for selection from the Create List Item Event in K2 Designer for SharePoint.
  • An error occurs stating: "Value cannot be null. Parameter name: value" when attempting to sort by Folio on the K2 Worklist Webpart if the webpart contains custom settings.
  • An error occurs when opening an InfoPath task in Form Services via a notification link on an ADFS environment.  The error states: "The following location is inaccessible".
  • When a SharePoint Event in K2 Designer for SharePoint is configured to return information in a Lookup Column, the "title" column returns instead of the actual linked Lookup Column.
  • Process Portals - Administration: When adding a Special Date in a Working Hour Zone from Administration in K2 Process Portal, the End Time can be incorrectly set to a time earlier than the Start Time.
  • When attempting to set a Special Date from Administration in either SharePoint Central Administration or K2 Process Portal, the Start Time and End Time is incorrectly loaded as 00:00.
  • When running a K2 for SharePoint Workflow Integrated process on a SharePoint List containing a Person or Group column, this column cannot be set to a blank value using the User Task Form from the K2 process.  The previous value entered is kept.


K2 Workspace and K2 Process Portals  

  • User is unable to see any of the configured environment templates if they do not have rights to the first template in the list from K2 Workspace.  A change was made to return the environment template the user has assigned rights for.  If a user does not have rights for any of the templates, the following message will return: "there is no environments available."
  • An error occurs stating: "You are not authorised to perform the requested operation" when attempting to add a new field to a new environment created in K2 Workspace.  The error occurs even though the user has Modified rights assigned.
  • An error occurs stating: "Object reference not set to an instance of the object" when attempting to expand the Environment Library>Templates node from K2 Workspace.  This occurred after the logged in user assigned Modify rights to another user.  This assignment of rights removed the logged in user’s rights.
  • If a Default Template is not specified in K2 Workspace>Environment Library>Templates, an error occurs stating: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" when accessing Templates.  Also, if there is no Default Environment specified in the Default Template node, the same error will occur.
  • Unable to remove users from K2 Workspace>License Management>Licensed User.  When removing a user, the user will still reflect after the attempt.



  • An error occurs when attempting to access K2 Workspace after upgrading from K2 blackpoint to K2 blackpearl.  The error states: "An error has occurred.  Please contact your Administrator".
  • Unable to add text to the "Web Service URL" field on the SQL Reporting Services Configuration screen of the K2 Installation wizard.
  • When upgrading a distributed environment, a SQL connection is required when upgrading the Client Tools. 


K2 SmartObjects and Services

  • When using an Oracle stored procedure of which the parameters become method parameters on the ServiceObject method, the parameters become required. If then attempting to pass through a "scnull" value, it was not handled as a null value, and the method failed.
  • When executing the Create method for a Composite SmartObject using the GUID as a primary key, an error occurs stating "Variable Names must be unique within a query batch or SP".
  • A Timeout error occurs when creating a new SQL Server Service Instance based on a database with CDC enabled.
  • When configuring a filter on a SmartObject based on a SQL Service Instance Stored Procedure using a K2 event, the filter is not applied when executing the SmartObject List Method.
  • When executing the redirect function through either K2Services or SyncRest.svc, the worklist item opens and redirects instead of just redirecting without opening. The worklist item will then stay in an open state.
  • When executing a SmartObject based on the ADService2 Instance and using the "GetUser" Stored Procedure as the SmartObject method, an error occurs stating: "Index (zero based) must be greater than or equal to zero".  The error will occur when an "IsNull" filter is configured on the SmartObject method.
  • When expiring a user’s cache manually through an application, the Identity Service fails to resolve Active Directory groups the next time the user logs in and attempts to open a worklist item.
  • When a user's credential cache has expired and the credentials are being re-cached, the SharePoint Group membership is removed.
  • A checkbox has been added to the SmartObject Association Wizard in K2 Designers, which allows the user to select an existing SmartObject when a many-to-many association is created between two SmartObjects.
  • When attempting to update a SQL SmartObject property with a null value, it does not update the property with the null value.  The original value for the property will remain.
  • When a SmartObject DisplayName, SmartObject Method DisplayName or SmartObject Property DisplayName contains XML reserved markup characters, for example <> or $, the name displays incorrectly in any application that makes use of the SmartObject APIs.
  • When a SmartObject DisplayName, SmartObject Method DisplayName or SmartObject Property DisplayName contains special characters such as <,> or $, the characters display incorrectly when attempting to use the SmartObject.
  • An error occurs when executing a SmartObject JSON method in SmartObject Services under .NET 4.