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K2 smartforms 1.0.1 High Priority Fixes

This article has been archived, and/or refers to legacy products, components or features. The content in this article is offered "as is" and will no longer be updated. Archived content is provided for reference purposes only. This content does not infer that the product, component or feature is supported, or that the product, component or feature will continue to function as described herein.

KB001563 is a list of high priority issues for K2 smartforms 1.0 that have now been resolved in the K2 smartforms 1.0.1 release.

Issues Resolved:


  • When running through the setup manager and selecting to go back to the smartforms appPool panel causes the password to be deleted.
  • After uninstalling smartforms, the smartforms start menu folder is not removed and still contains a shortcut to the K2 smartforms Configuration analysis.
  • The following entry is not removed from the ConfigurationManager.config after smartforms is uninstalled: "<wizard text="SmartForms Client Event" description="Run the SmartForms Client Event Wizard.The wizard will assist you to integrate your process with
    SmartForms." showInToolbox="true" makeAvailableOffline="false" minVersionRequired="" type="SourceCode.Workflow.Wizards.Forms.ClientEventWizard"
    assembly="SourceCode.Workflow.Wizards.Forms, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=16a2c5aaaa1b130d" name="Forms Client Event Wizard">
            <add name="Event General Property Wizard" />
            <add name="Forms Client Event Property Wizard" />
            <add name="Event Actions and Outcome Property Wizard" />
            <add name="Event Escalations" />
            <add name="Exception Rule" />
            <add key="MouseGestures" value="Z" />
  • Upgrading from Beta 2 to RTM caused any custom event wizards in the Workflow Designer to be removed.


  • An exception occurs stating "Conversion failed when converting date and/or time from character string" when executing a UserFilter against a [DateTime] field, on a List View which displays both the [DateTime] field and a SmartObject ForeignKey field.
  • When a List View with an Image control is edited the user is not prompted to check out the View.
  • An error stating "Error: Login failed for user 'Domain\User'" occurred when trying to cancel a Check Out of another user's View.
  • When nesting tables or table structures are changed in a View an error occurs stating "function updateTableArray has corrupted the table array".
  • The Execute a SmartObject Method rule does not return the data at runtime on a subview.
  • An error occurs when a current date value is set and then trying to configure a custom conditional Style on a View.
  • When resizing the Body on Editable or List Views various property fields are populated with initial values.
  • While creating a View, when clicking back to the Settings screen after a data source is changed reflects the incorrect selections on the Settings screen.
  • On the Settings page of the View the "User Settings" section contains a field called "items per page". When the User Settings are disabled the 'item per page" still displays as enabled. 
  • When editing a View and the "Enable Add new row link" is unchecked the corresponding default rule does not get removed from the rule designer.
  • The "Generate a [ ] Column Item View with the selected fields:" field accepts negative values and special characters which is incorrect. 
  • When working in IE9 or Safari and selecting an icon to add to the Layout Column Properties Detail icon field the user is presented with a JavaScript error.
  • When adding additional columns to an Editable or List View changes to the column are applied to a different column.  
  • A JavaScript exception occurs stating "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'getAttribute' of null" when changing the SmartObject Data Source on the Settings page and only one of the selected fields get displayed on the Layout page.
  • The input mappings for an item subview's complex value does not map at runtime.   
  • At runtime on a List View when selecting an Operator the Value field has no text box to enter a value in on the Configure User Filter, Add New Filter and Available Filter screens.
  • At runtime the message Title and Heading of a column in the Editable List view are cut off.
  • When mapping the Primary Key of the Output Mappings of the Editable List to its appropriate Return Property in 'In a Batch', the Foreign Key fields are not CREATED as specified at runtime.
  • In Internet Explorer 9 if a trailing space exists in a data field name, and this data field is mapped to a Form or View Control the value of the data field is never transferred at runtime.
  • Configuring a List view to show SmartObject data and include data from an associated SmartObject only displays the SmartObject data at runtime and not the associated SmartObject data as configured.
  • At runtime on a List View when clicking on the Advanced button on the Configure User Filters screen does not display the controls in the context window.
  • At runtime in Internet Explorer 8 when a new line is added to an Editable List View and saved the line displays as a single line rather than separate lines.
  • At runtime on an Editable List View that has the rule configured "When the View executes list item double clicked, open a View in a subform and execute a method on the subform", when double clicking on a row to edit an item, the View opens as expected in a subform but an error is shown stating "The following fields are required to Load:- 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000_f61d9da1-9e31-4a76-ab2c-2809e838e773 (missing)".
  • Updating the control values in an Editable List does not result in the grid being updated, only when saving do the new values display.
  • When a Form containing an Auto Generated Editable List View which has a rule to open the same View in a subview is run resulted in a MVI error message.
  • The Column size cannot be adjusted at runtime in a List or Editable List View.
  • When selecting the first blank option of a DropDown List an error is received stating "Object doesn't support property or method 'position'".
  • If special characters are used in SmartObject Field names the SmartObject Field name in the Control properties are not displayed correctly on the Views in Design time.
  • Unable to resize an inserted column added to an Item View from right to left as the handler is missing.
  • Creating a blank Item View and selecting the methods on the Settings page will not display the methods on the Layout page.
  • On a SmartObject where multiple edit Methods are displayed in the Method dropdown, results in the selected method not persisting on editing or saving of the View.
  • If the number of columns stated in the Settings page is greyed out and Field Names are rather selected to base the View generation on, the number of columns generated are based on the greyed out columns number rather than the selected Field Name.
  • When adding a new pattern the example field populates with "undefined" if left blank, at runtime it is necessary to type in undefined for the pattern to work as expected.
  • After selecting certain styles for a View the selected style does not reflect as expected and the watermark text in the controls display as inserted text rather than being greyed out.
  • The description of the Standard Button on a View or Form appears to be blank, hovering over the button will display the description.


  • A Foreign Key Constraint error occurred when:
    1) Attempting to Check In a Form in which a View Control used in the "Form passes validation" condition, was deleted.
    2)  When trying to Check In a Form after it has been Saved As.
  • When adding an Event rule to a Form the following error occurred "An Item with the same key has already been added."
  • The design canvas does not scroll when the drag-effect of the mouse is at the bottom of the Form making it difficult to add a button.
  • When editing a Form for the first time, the Form steps through each View and control in the context browser and highlights each one in green in the design canvas before the user can start working on the Form.
  • When two instances of the same view are on one Form, and the value of a control on the first view is changed, the same control on the second view will also be updated.
  • When clicking the No button on the popup confirming whether or not to check out the Form results in no action. The popup will only disappear when the Yes button is clicked.
  • A JavaScript error stating "Unable to get value of the property 'getAttribute': object is null or undefined" occurs when attempting to create an Expression after removing a View from the canvas of a Form.


  • SmartObject Input Mappings do not appear when editing the View Rule for a Drop-Down Control.
  • Rules disappear in a View when configuring an input property Rule and change one of the Properties.
  • When opening a previously configured Advanced Condition with multiple criteria, all conditions except the first one are truncated once the rule set is saved and reopened.
  • An error occurs when previously configured Advanced Conditions are edited.
  • The validation indicator fails to display on specific fields in all themes except Platinum.
  • Unable to compare a Short Date to Current Date because of time difference and it is not possible to return a Current Date without returning the Current Time.
  • The Data label on a Form is still visible in the Rule Designer after it was removed.
  • When editing a Show or Hide View rule a "Widget Error:Cannot read property xml of undefined" error occurs.
  • If the Open Worklist Rule's folio field is left empty the folio field in the workflow View can still be edited.
  • When creating a "double-click to open subview" rule and adding a button to a "clear is clicked then execute the clear method" rule a SQL Exception error occurs.
  • Creating new SmartObject properties then editing an existing View to add the properties results in the new SmartObject Properties not getting mapped automatically in the rule configure input and output mappings screens.
  • When the Execute another Rule action is cloned the rule does not save successfully but is rather removed.
  • When a rule is configured to start a workflow a popup message appears even though the rule is correctly configured.
  • When configuring a basic condition all control types are returned including types that are not editable at runtime, only controls of type INPUT should be returned.
  • When configuring the Data Mappings of a Transfer Data Action and transferring data to a Hyperlink control using HTML code results in the field value being constructed incorrectly.
  • No validation is done on the configuration of mandatory fields in rules which means that the fields can be left blank and the rule will finish.
  • When configuring the URL in Navigate to URL action no validation is done to ensure that the correct URL pattern has been provided.
  • The Form controls are not surfaced when configuring the "Form passes validation" condition in the Rule Designer.
  • The check box associated with the Form passes validation condition does not function.
  • Creating an action to Execute a method on a View control for values that are in a specific state can only be done once, on the second configuration it is not possible to select a method again. An error stating "Error: There are no items to display." occurs.
  • In a scenario where similar rules are created, when editing the rules the previous actions mappings (incorrect properties) are shown in the rule definition pane.
  • Only a GetList method is returned for an Item View when using the open a subview and execute a method action. More methods should be available.
  • When configuring the data mappings of a rule an Object Ref error occurs when the Destination Mapping contains special characters such as a double quote.
  • When a custom state is added in the Rule Designer the description on the Edit State popup is that of the Base State. There is no place to enter or edit a custom state description.
  • The following error occurs when selecting Yes on the Actions popup window: "An application error has occurred: Exception: [Arg_NullReferenceException] Arguments: Debugging resource strings are unavailable. Often the key and arguments provide sufficient information to diagnose the problem. See http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=106663&Version=4.1.10111.0&File=mscorlib.dll&Key=Arg_NullReferenceException" Stack Trace:..."

Workflow Designer

  • Warning message added to warn a user that the workflow will not be saved and the design will be lost when the user browse to the tree view while working in the Workflow Designer.
  • An error occurs when trying to open a workflow project from a file system.
  • The Form States are not populated when starting a new workflow from the selected Form in the category tree or by right clicking the context menu.
  • If a View or a Form's name contains special characters such as "_" and the Form is used on the Start Process Settings window in the Workflow Designer an error occurs.
  • When selecting a few activities in the workflow to Save as a Template then in all browsers except for Internet Explorer an error is displayed stating that "The clipboard isn't available in the current host".
  • In the User Task in the Workflow Designer it is possible to continue with the configuration of the wizard after leaving the required Form and State field empty.
  • When editing a Form and the rule that starts a workflow is changed to the same rule on a different state causes the start workflow action rule to be duplicated in the workflow.


  • When a Check Box List control is mapped to a SmartObject List Method clicking back to the mapping properties page the default or first method is set instead of the selected List method.
  • When a View is disabled on a Form, and a Picker control is part of a View, the Picker control is not disabled. All other controls on the View are correctly disabled.
  • When there are multiple Drop-Down controls on a View the selected Drop-Down list value is not populating the associated Data label.
  • The Lookup control is unable to resolve the "\" character when working with the Active Directory Service Object.
  • When attempting to transfer data to the Picker control using the "Transfer Data" Rule Action, the data is not resolved correctly.
  • Unable to display a control with no border as the border width cannot be set to 0px.
  • The text entered in the Control Properties Detail Text Edit_Label is lost if the user does not click on the canvas prior to dragging another control onto the canvas.
  • Unable to start or end the Text property of a control with a space or to provide only a space for the property value as the space gets removed.
  • Issues experienced when resizing controls on the design canvas.
  • When using multiple pictures the Data Source name is not updated when choosing or navigating between Pictures.
  • Control Actions are not correctly updated in the Event definition causing duplicate entries.
  • The Leaf and SharePoint 2010 Theme is not correctly applied to the Drop-Down control at runtime.
  • When the Custom Height is set to 99px for the Image Attachment With Progress the control appears to be cut off at the bottom.
  • When the Custom Height is changed from 1000px to 100px for the Image Attachment With Progress the selection area remains set at 1000px.
  • Configuring the Check Box input Text control property to be empty is ignored in design time.
  • At design time the value entered in the Hyperlink Property's Text field is truncated when the View or Form is edited.
  • Renamed Controls and Views do not save the new name but rather the old names get displayed.
  • When configuring the Data Source on selected controls it is possible to type any values in the fields with ellipsis without actually selecting the ellipsis. These fields are selection fields and as such text should not be typed in the fields.
  • The Check Box List control displays the System Name instead of the DisplayName in the properties section when edited.
  • The default height property of a Radio Button List is not a true reflection of the actual height on the canvas.
  • On a SmartObject property of type Multichoice when changing the associated Check Box control's Data Source to Static causes unhandled javaScript error.
  • If numbers are typed in the width field of an attachment control and the format is not added such as % or px the width is not set accordingly.
  • Not selecting a SmartObject when configuring the Data Source of the Picker control and clicking OK results in an error that says "Message: Unable to get value of the property 'nodeName': object is null or undefined."
  • The error "Cannot call method 'Index Of' of undefined" occurs when uploading a large image to the Image Attachment control.


  • The SmartObject settings do not persist when a basic SmartObject is changed to an Advanced SmartObject.
  • In Firefox and Chrome the name and watermark of a Composite SmartObject display together or over each other.
  • An error stating"The SmartObject name "XX" already exists. Provide a new name to continue." occurs  when navigating to the Details page and then to any other page without changing any data.
  • Unable to create a SmartObject using the Workflow Reporting Service's List method of a custom workflow resulting in a "Value cannot be null. Parameter name: "value" please see Error Details" error.
  • When the name of a SmartObject exceeds the maximum length for the name of a control an error stating "Error 6354, Level 16, State 10, Procedure aDeployViews, Line 239Target string size is too small to represent the XML instance Transaction count after EXECUTE indicates a mismatching number of BEGIN and COMMIT statements. Previous count = 1, current count = 0." is encountered.
  • It is possible to set filtering on a Load method call when filtering should apply to List methods rather.
  • When there are 2200 or more SmartObjects the K2 Designer will not open and a message stating "The incoming tabular data stream (TDS)remote procedure call (RPC) protocol stream is incorrect. Too many parameters were provided in this RPC request. The maximum is 2100." is displayed.


  • The To Boolean expression on a control on a smartforms view does not return the expected result.
  • The Modulus operator does not function at runtime.
  • When using Concatenate in a Hyperlink Control without using the Hyperlink expression causes a JavaScript error at Runtime.
  • Adding expressions causes duplicate Views to be displayed in the Context Browser.
  • After deleting a control that is used in an Expression no validation is done when finishing the View.
  • Using a preconfigured expression on a control that is bound to a field that is used in the same expression causes an infinite loop.

Category Tree

  • After editing a Form and an associated View, the user is prompted to Check In the Form and the associated Views. The Form's icon in the Category Tree is updated to show that it is checked in, but the icon for the View does not update and still shows as checked out until a forced refresh of the Category Tree occurs.
  • When changing from design time to runtime on a List View using the Category Tree menu an error is received.
  • A user is allowed to rename a Category to that of an existing Category name.
  • Unable to drag an object such as a View or SmartObject from a Parent Category to a Child Category.

Context Browser

  • The browser culture needs to be added to the context browser under system context.
  • The context browser remains open when clicking elsewhere in the designer.
  • The context browser does not always allow a user to drill down to the Controls leaving the controls folder to appear blank, however on refreshing the browser the controls become visible.

K2 Designer

  • The K2 Designer's canvas does not scroll horizontally when the user attempts to drag and drop a View to the right of another View when creating a Form.
  • Selecting to clone a View and clearing the name field to add a new name results in a JavaScript error.
  • When loading the K2 Designer with a large number of Forms (greater than 100) a database error is received due to the SQL connections in the pool being used and not released.
  • Performing a multi-object selection using the CTRL key and then right clicking once the selection is made, results in selected objects being deselected.

SmartForms Workflow Integration Wizards

  • An error stating "An exception occurred.  Exception:Unable to cast object of type 'SourceCode.Workflow.Wizards.Forms.ClientEventPropertyWizard' to type 'SourceCode.Workflow.Wizards.Forms.ClientEventWizard'" occurs when trying to configure a smartforms event in K2 Studio.
  • The SmartForms Client Event reverts the State settings of the Form and the deployment fails with an error stating "The selected state name and id not set."
  • Changing the selected State in an existing smartforms Client Event wizard will display a message that the wizard will be cleared and will need to be reconfigured, however on accepting the warning message the wizard is not cleared of the existing configuration.
  • There is no validation on the selected Form in the smartforms Integration wizard on the "Select Form and State" page or in the smartforms Client Event wizard. Therefore, the wizard is unable to determine that a Form no longer exists and configures the wizard to a non-existent Form.
  • In certain instances the context browser will return context data that is not related to the selected Form. One such instance is when configuring the Transfer Data rule.
  • When a Form parameter is used in a multi-part mapping in the smartforms Client Event wizard, and the wizard is rerun the parameter is missing.
  • When configuring the smartforms Integration wizard with a Form that contains multiple instances of the same View the context browser only displays one of the views and if a View control is used in a mapping, an error occurs when the mapping screen is displayed.

SmartForms Viewer Web Part

  • When a subform is opened from a Form in the SmartForms web part, the parent Form's theme is not inherited.


  • Errors occur on smartforms when using Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8.
  • Controls on a Form are not displaying correctly at runtime on Internet Explorer 8. The Slider control does not get displayed at all and the Button controls overlap each other.
  • An error occurred when running a Generated Form in Internet Explorer 10.
  • Mappings for rule actions are not saved correctly in Chrome.
  • In Firefox and Chrome it is not possible to type in a name for a Conditional Style. In Internet Explorer 9 the name displays over the watermark.