K2 smartforms 1.0.3 (4.12165.1585.0) Known Issues List

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The following issues are currently known for the K2 smartforms 1.0.3 (4.12165.1585.0) and include workarounds where possible.

Known Issues


  • An error stating "Failed to convert URL to PDF" occurs when using the PDF Converter after upgrading to K2 smartforms 1.0.3.
Restart the K2 Server.
  • When the PDF System SmartObject is configured as the data source of the PDF control, the SmartObject properties do not display in the Context Browser of the Rule Wizard.
Re-select the same data source from the PDF control properties pane.
  • Unable to clear the Picker control in runtime using the backspace key when running the Form in Internet Explorer 8.
  • When resolving a value using the Picker control on a Form, the SmartObject properties that are not flagged as the value member are not populated.
  • Adjusting the width of a control using the cursor does not persist to runtime.



  • An "Invalid column name <column name" error occurs when a filter is applied on all fields or visible fields in a List View based on a Workflow Reporting Service SmartObject.
  • When designing a List View and a column is moved, the inherent properties for that column are not applied at runtime.
  • The 'Navigate to another form' action does not execute at runtime when the destination Form is the same as the current Form.



  • When running SharePoint 2013 in 2010 compatibility mode, the SmartForms Web Part settings are not retained.
  • When importing a Web Part in SharePoint 2010 the Web Part does not reflect on the specific SharePoint Site.
Edit the Web Part and save it to the specific SharePoint Site.  The Web Part will now reflect on the Site.

Rule Designer

  • The Rule Wizard becomes unavailable when adding additional states on a Form that already contains a number of states and rules.
  • When a Drop-Down List control is changed from a SmartObject data source to a Static Value data source, the Initialize rule is not updated and the user is presented with a "value cannot be null" error.
Remove the “Populate a list control” action from the Initialize rule.
  • When View level input controls contain the word "required" in a sentence in the text property, the controls are marked as required on Form level rules.
Change the casing to “Required” or remove the word.
  • When a List View has a built in filter and a copy of this View is saved, the filter and its mappings are not transferred to the copied List View.
  • The SmartObject parameter mapped to a View parameter does not save successfully when both the View and the SmartObject parameter uses the same name.
  • When opening two or more subviews the 'Execute a subview control's method action cannot be configured.
  • Rules disappear when Forms or Views are checked in.
  • An error occurs when setting the control properties of a View or subform from an inherited rule.
  • When executing an optional method parameter and an empty string is passed through, the user is still prompted for an input value.



  • When adding an extra row to an Editable List View while an Image is still loading, it causes an infinite spinner and the display fails. When the Editable List View is re-opened a JavaScript error occurs.
  • A "24411 K2:DOMAIN\USER from <ip address> is not allowed to open the worklist item with SN=<serial number>" error occurs when a user opens a worklist item where one state was used for numerous SmartForms Client Events in a K2 Designer for Visual Studio process.
  • When hiding a column during runtime, the area of the remaining columns is not distributed correctly.
  • If any control is set to borderless, no validation is performed at the time the rule executes.



  • When Forms Authentication is selected, workflows are not showing in the Category tree.
  • A deadlock error occurs when a batch CheckIn or CheckOut is performed on multiple Views or Forms.


Special Characters

There are some instances where special characters are not supported in the SmartForms Designers, for example:

  1. View Parameters
  2. Rules Designers where parameters have special characters
  3. An apostrophe (‘) in the watermark property of controls
  4. An apostrophe (‘) in the description of a SmartObject property



Certain behavior relating to dependencies between SmartObjects, Views, Forms, subviews and subforms will cause Forms and Views not to function as expected. There are a few instances where the SmartForms interdependencies and SmartObject dependencies are not satisfactorily dealt with, for example:

  1. When the Form and View are edited simultaneously and an action is removed from the View, the Form will have invalid rules and will not be able to be saved.
  2. Removing controls that have rules defined from a subview will break the rules on the Parent Form.
  3. Changing or editing a SmartObject will break dependencies on Views consuming the associated SmartObject.
  4. Broken Service Instances are not handled as expected in the K2 Designer.