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K2 Mobile Applications Support Policy



The K2 Mobile applications allow end users to interact with their work lists and mobile-enabled SmartForms from mobile devices such as phones or tablets. These Mobile Applications are available for several mobile operating systems. For more information on mobile applications, see http://www.k2.com/mobile. For a list of supported operating systems, please see the Product Compatibility, Integration and Support matrix.

Support Policy

K2 Mobile applications are updated frequently to address issues or add new features. Only the latest released version of a Mobile Application is supported. If any issues are encountered on an older version of the app, SourceCode will require you to update to the latest version of the app and reproduce the issue before proceeding with the investigation.

Support for previous operating system versions are dropped when 80% of devices run the latest OS version (but not before 6 months after release). For example: K2 stops support for iOS 8 six months after the release of iOS 9, if 80% of devices run iOS 9.

How to Determine the Mobile App Version Installed


The version number is displayed on the Sign In screen of the K2 Mobile iOS app.


The version number is displayed on the Sign In screen of the K2 Mobile Android app.

Non-App Store Delivery Mechanisms

SourceCode does not explicitly test or support K2 software delivered through other mechanisms, such as specific MDMs. K2 will only support issues that are able to be reproduced in an App Store signed version of the app. If an issue is found with an app that a customer has re-signed using an enterprise profile that cannot be reproduced with the app store version, K2 will not support it and will not provide a fix for the issue.