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K2 smartforms 1.0.6 High Priority Fixes

This article has been archived, and/or refers to legacy products, components or features. The content in this article is offered "as is" and will no longer be updated. Archived content is provided for reference purposes only. This content does not infer that the product, component or feature is supported, or that the product, component or feature will continue to function as described herein.


KB001624 is a list of high priority issues for K2 smartforms that have now been resolved in the K2 smartforms 1.0.6 release.

Issues Resolved:


  • Performance degradation occurs when Forms / Views are checked-in or out, or when there are 100 000 or more logs stored in the AuditLog table in the database.


  • The number of login attempts allowed does not match the Group Policy setting in Windows. When setting the Group Policy to lock the account after 3 incorrect password entries, it locks the account after just 1.
  • When a SAML Token expires, the user is not redirected to the Login page as expected.


  • When using Internet Explorer, a Textbox on a View retains its initial value and is un-editable after the Subview is closed.
  • Associated field in List View is not updating unless ctrl-F5 is pressed.


  • Controls (e.g. Check Box list control) lose properties when tables they are in are edited in a View.
  • You cannot interact with the attachment controls using just the keyboard, for example being able to Tab to a File Attachment or pressing Enter or the Spacebar on a File Attachment to open a file dialog or download an attachment.
  • When binding a CheckBoxList control with a GUID as a value, a validation error occurs at Runtime for items that are de-selected.
  • In Runtime controls where the style formatting is Percentage, the user entered value is multiplied by 100 and therefore not correctly formatted as a percentage.
  • The error: "Syntax error, unrecognized expression…" is raised when the URL in the control properties of the Content Control contain a space.
  • When a DropDownList control is repopulated after being filtered, fields still reflect the original data value.
  • Populating a Picker control based on a GUID raises a GUID parse exception.
  • When saving or creating a record with a value resolved in a picker control, and with the picker configured with the AD User SmartObject as data source, an error is displayed.
  • Picker Control does not resolve records which contain letters from a non-English environment.


  • Slow performance when controls fire complex expressions to calculate values for many fields.

Form Designer

  • A Subform Title is blank when opened from nested Subforms.

Installation and Configuration

  • When upgrading from SmartForms 1.0.1 or SmartForms 1.0.2 to SmartForms 1.0.4, tables get corrupted on both View and Form level preventing editing.

K2 Designer

  • When editing a category in the Category Browser, the Navigation panel is not refreshed when the Cancel button is clicked.
  • Occasionally when editing items within the Rule Designer, View Designer or Form Designer, some properties are not persisted (E.G. Inherited Rules; States; Mappings; Control Display Properties) which makes items in the Form invalid with no way of editing them.
  • After adding a Sum Total aggregator to a column in a List View, there is a border at the bottom of the attachments view; the formatting is incorrect.
  • Unable to deploy a Workflow in the K2 Designer when the Form used in the Workflow is inside of a Category which contains Special Characters.

Rule Designer

  • When View level input controls contain the word "required" in a sentence in the text property, the controls are marked as required on Form level rules.
  • The 'form passes validation' condition does not fire on the check box list control.
  • Errors occur when rules are set up where special characters (&, <, ", ' or >) are being used. Also when a SmartObject PropertyName contains special characters, a JS error is encountered when setting up a ListView filter that references this property (Designtime and Runtime filters).
  • When a new Rule is added or an existing Rule is updated, the Rule search dialog still shows users criteria, making it difficult to see the newly added or updated Rule.
  • You cannot search by apostrophe in the Rule Designer.
  • When the Rule 'When a control on a Subview raises an event then close a Subview or subform ' is added in the Rule Designer, finished, and then edited again, it does not retain the Event and Action added to the Rule.
  • When using a data transfer action to pass value in the format ‘DOMAIN\Username’; capitalization of the username causes the picker to not resolve.
  • When using a data transfer action to pass a semi-colon delimited list in the format ‘DOMAIN\Username;DOMAIN\Username;’ to the picker, an invalid filter error is thrown.
  • When using a data transfer event to pass a value in the format ‘DENALLIX\Username’ to a picker control, the first click on the value would put the cursor at the ampersand and would not allowing editing. When you click on the picker control the second time, the cursor jumps one space after the ampersand and allows for input of value. This issue is SPECIFIC ONLY to Internet Explorer and when using a Smartforms Viewer Webpart.
  • Transfer Data rule does not clear picker value.
  • The parent From/View will be disabled when a 'Stop Rule Execution' action fires on the closing of a Subform/Subview.
  • When disabling Rule Conditions or Actions on Form or View level, and then re-editing the Form or View, the Conditions or Actions are once again enabled.
  • When you use the 'Open subform' action for a toolbar button rule, then rules configured for buttons of the subform disappear from the parent form when the parent form is saved/finished.
  • At runtime the rule event called “After the workflow action was submitted” does not execute and none of the actions in the event are executed.  


  • When adding a row to an Editable List View, the Form layout jumps to the top of the screen
  • When a SmartForm Form contains an underscore (_) in the URL, K2 double's it up when the URL is generated. This in turn causes problems down the line when the Form is hosted somewhere else where URL validation is done, for example in SharePoint where it will strip out the Double _ and replace it with a single one when it attempt to render the form.
  • Workflow isn't adding the serial number as a parameter to the URL hyperlink in the email when using the Smartforms Client event, and the wizard finishes prematurely.
  • When clicking a disabled button on a form, the user is redirected to the top of the form.
  • Error 2601 when: trying to deploy a Workflow (or a Workflow that has been edited and redeployed); finish a View where a Picker is filtered by another ListControl; Auto-Generate Views (Multiple Views created from the same SmO).
  • Workflow task Submit button is still enabled after being clicked.


  • When SmartObject Calls are filtered with a return value bound to a Parameter, Incorrect Data gets returned.

View Designer

  • In View Designer, you have the ability to implement a width size for both the header and the body of a column, but not for the column entity itself.
  • Collapsing a view doesn't allow it to be expanded, the icon and a part of the header is truncated.

Workflow Designer

  • When two or more UserTasks / ClientEvents are configured to use the same Form and the same State, an error occurs when actioning the worklist item. The reason for this is that only one “Submit” event is created per state, and when trying to action one worklist item, the event will also fire for the second usertask, which causes the error.