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K2 blackpearl 4.6.9 Resolved Issues

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KB001639 lists issues for K2 blackpearl that have been resolved in the K2 blackpearl 4.6.9 release, released on the 26 February 2015.

Issues Resolved:


  • A Process Instance stayed on "active" when using LIM to move the process to a new version and then making use of the GOTO functionality to finish the process.
  • When deleting a field from a SmartObject that previously contained data and then using the K2 API with the server side code event a bulk insert is performed on the same SmartObject, the deleted field is still expected to contain a value resulting in an error stating "Error = “The given value of type String from the data source cannot be converted to type datetime of the specified target column.”

K2 Server

  • Certain members in a group failed to receive a group assigned task. Further investigation showed that in the IdentityMember table for the groups there were missing members.
  • If connectivity to EWS/Exchange is lost and connection is re-established the K2 Service needed to be restarted before SmartActions would be processed again.
  • When other regional settings are used that differ to the settings on the K2 Server and SmartActions was used to Sleep a work item the incorrect date format was used for the Sleep action. The system did not cater for a 24 hour day but rather a 12 hour one in this scenario.

SharePoint Integration

  • When a SharePoint List Item Event was used to update a user column and a SharePoint Group from the context browser was added to that Column, the workflow failed at runtime with an error stating 'Server was unable to process request. ---> Error setting metadata fields - Fields do not match. --->'. It was not possible to create or update a SharePoint Multi User People Picker field using SharePoint Groups.
  • If the Start and Action pages in a SharePoint Workflow Integrated process had a required Rich Text Field defined, the page could not be submitted as clicking submit would do nothing. An error stating 'Unable to get value of the property 'document': object is null or undefined' could also be displayed.
  • When starting a process using WCF.svc where the user has start rights resulted in an error stating 'User does not have permission to open the process'
  • When deploying a SharePoint Events Process and an environment variable was used to define the SharePoint URL an error occurred at deployment stating "Task Error: System.Net.WebException: The request failed with HTTP status 400: Bad Request."
  • There were inconsistencies in date formats (MM/dd/yyyy vs dd/MM/yyyy) when viewing the K2 Reports and View Flow on the My Process Web Part in SharePoint in an environment where the regional settings were different to the K2 Server.
  • When the Web Part Activity Graph's was configured by instance count the Y-Axis Label was not readable for large instance counts.
  • When mapping a lookup field on the Start Page of a SharePoint Workflow Integration process, if that lookup contained more than 20 values, the process could not be started, because the control could not be found. This was because SharePoint switched the type of the dropdown box to a different type when it contained more than 20 items. K2 only catered for one type of dropdown box, and therefore it could not be found.

SmartObjects and Services

  • When a SmartObject method based on a SQL stored procedure with a method type list was used the stored procedure was being executed twice.
  • In the CSOM broker when using the GetDocumentSet methods the incorrect type was returned when the SharePoint Library contained items with similar names.
  • The CSOM Service Broker rounded the values on decimal columns that displayed as a percent, for example 1.6% would be returned as 2.
  • When a SQL Service Instance SmartObject method is used and the stored procedure does not return a data table an "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error occurred.
  • In the SQL Service Instance a Stored Procedure input parameter that should accept a NULL value resulted in an error stating, "Failed to convert parameter value from a string to an int32" when passing in SCNULL.
  • When running the Update Document Set method of the CSOM Broker the following errors would occur:
    a) With Dynamic set to true an error stating “Value does not fall within the expected range” would display if the Document Set could not be found. Refreshing the Salesforce Service Object failed with an error message stating "SmartObject Server Exception: Error refreshing Service Instance 'SalesforceV2'. Service returned: 'Unsupported Microsoft .NET type: address".
    b) With Dynamic set to false would result in an Object Reference error if the Document Set could not be found.
  • Refreshing the Salesforce Service Object failed with an error message stating "SmartObject Server Exception: Error refreshing Service Instance 'SalesforceV2'. Service returned: 'Unsupported Microsoft .NET type: address".
  • Executing the CSOM Content Service Broker against a SharePoint List containing 2000 items with a filter supplied takes the same amount of time as executing it without the filter. The expectation is that the filter would result in the data being returned quicker than without a filter, which was not the case.
  • When SmartObjects in roles are used as destination users, the SmartObject call occasionally resulted in a deadlock. This call was then terminated and the list of users were not returned causing the worklist items not to appear in the worklist.


  • If a SmartObject property type was incorrectly defined in the K2 thick clients, for example Decimal was selected instead of Number, and then corrected, the change would not persist resulting in the incorrect SmartObject type.
  • When creating a SmartObject many-to-many association in K2 Designer for Visual Studio, the SmartObject that would be created would have no input properties which would cause an Object Reference error at runtime.
  • When expanding the SmartForms Server node in the Object Browser in K2 Studio and the SmartForms Server environment field has an empty value, K2 Studio would stop responding and the designer would close.
  • When building a workflow in K2 Designer for SharePoint the following error is known to occur intermittently "Default Security Label Not Found. Please ensure K2 server has started successfully". The is caused when trying to get the Default Security Label from multiple threads and the value of the Security Label is set to null when the first thread finishes.


  • In a multi-domain environment, when trying to add a user from Domain1 to Domain2 using the Active Directory wizard ’add to group’, the New Domain is not considered and the default Domain is then used.
  • It was not possible to drag and drop or add a SmartObject Reference on to any of the fields in the Active Directory Event, however, it was possible to browse to the SmartObject Server and add a SmartObject method to these fields.
  • Unable to add a SharePoint Events Process list metadata XML Field to a Data Event wizard.
  • When running the SharePoint Events Process wizard, the Metadata Mapping list returns empty. Clicking on the dropdown on the Title label and selecting "Reset Current" causes an error to be displayed and the thick client designer stops responding.
  • Using an ampersand (&) in the Comments memo box on the "Check In Document Details" panel of the Check In Documents wizard would fail at runtime when the document attempts to be checked in.
  • Project references were not loaded correctly in the Add Project Reference wizard, due to the browse button that was disabled in the wizard. This would only occur if multiple solutions folders were present in one solution and one or 2 of these solutions were deleted.
  • The Word Document Event wizard did not allow for the dragging and dropping of references or SmartObject method results from the Object Browser.


  • When using the report designer in K2 Workspace to create a custom report, the filters did not function as expected with the day and month in the dates filter being switched causing the report not to filter at all.
  • The worklist and processes did not reflect in the right hand pane in Management Console in the K2 Workspace if a workflow instance had a folio greater than a 1000 characters.
  • The Process Overview Report in K2 Workspace was reporting a different number of process instances for different users working on the same process depending on the user’s rights.
  • When adding an environment field in K2 Workspace that contains an ampersand (&) causes the field to be cut short by removing everything after the ampersand.

Process Portals

  • When setting up run once process schedules which are not discarded there will be a number of non-active schedules. When navigating to the web part in SharePoint, the loading can take up to 30 minutes or more and the K2 Server spikes on the CPU usage.
  • When adding more than 14 user to a role using Process Portal Admin page a 'Page not found' error occurred in the popup window.
  • In Process Portals when adding server rights for users containing special characters in the name such as !#$& the following error message would be displayed "An error occurred while parsing EntityName."


  • Starting an InfoPath integrated workflow manually and not using the publish template on a network location, fails to update the form XML href attribute to point to the correct template location.
  • When a workflow has been delegated to a user and the user actions the item, the K2 Server displays the following error: "The statement terminated. The maximum recursion 100 has been exhausted before statement completion."
  • When using a data field to add a SharePoint Group to a List an error occurred stating “Group appears to be undiscoverable.” Even if the SharePoint group existed. This prevented the ability to dynamically set permissions for an Item using a data field.