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K2 smartforms 4.6.9 Resolved Issues

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KB001649 lists issues for K2 smartforms that have been resolved in the K2 smartforms 4.6.9 release, released on the 26 February 2015.

Issues Resolved:


  • When the smartforms runtime and design time sites are configured to use Claims-based authentication and the session has expired, the current claims session renewal dialog will be shown instead of the session expiration notification. Support for Windows Identity Framework sliding sessions was required.
  • Authentication failed and an error occurred when attempting to lock down access to the SmartForms Designer site using roles or groups through IIS.
  • When specific users are authorized to access one of the SmartForms Sites (runtime or design time), then a 500 error occurred in the combindresource.ashx and the Form or View did not display correctly.


  • SmartObject properties that contained XML special characters such as & or < > in the name and description fields failed at deployment.
  • When generating a PDF using the PDF Convertor service broker on a load balanced environment, the CSS was not rendered on the PDF creation resulting in inconsistencies.


  • When using the List View Quick Search Filter to return data, the paging count was not refreshed from the previous result set page count if the filtered search returned no results.
  • Date/Time properties in an Editable List View column did not sort correctly when the column header was clicked at runtime.
  • In the Editable List View only one row could be selected at a time to execute an action such as Delete against. The functionality to select multiple rows using the Ctrl + click or Shift + click key functions did not exist.
  • Setting column widths in Views did not update the actual value set which created a visual offset. There was a difference between the displayed column width value and the actual value.
  • List Aggregators only round up to two decimal places regardless of round expression or styling.
  • Using custom filters in List Views fails to refresh the returned data when paging through the list.
  • On a View that contained a Hyperlink control, the hyperlink would no longer work if the View was disabled and then enabled again.
  • When using the Quick Search in the List View with filtering and paging enabled, resulted in an error stating "Invalid column name 'Name'.
  • At runtime when an Editable List View contained a cascading Drop Down control the data was not populated when filters were used.
  • In an Editable List View, when a Drop-Down List control is configured not to allow for an empty selection it automatically gets populated with the previously selected value when adding a second row to the Editable List View. If the selection in the drop-down for the second/new row is not changed, the value would not be saved.
  • When using the SharePoint 2013 Broker's 'GetDocuments' method in a List View to download a file from a subfolder in SharePoint, the files are returned but they cannot be downloaded.
  • When clearing the layout canvas for a View the popup to insert a table did not remember the previous layout configuration and was set to a static 3x3.


  • The specified width configured for a View on a Form is not persisted at runtime. For example, dragging and dropping two Views side by side on a Form at design time display one below the other and not side by side at runtime. You can now have an unequal allocation of real-estate for Views on a Form, for example 70% and 30%, however, in design time it will still display incorrectly, while at runtime it will display correctly.
  • Adding an attachment by referencing an expression in a Form threw an exception stating "Error occurred trying to Execute (SmoSPDocument) - System.InvalidOperationException: Cannot upload to the folder specified. The folder cannot be found...".
  • Changing any Boolean property on a Form resulted in the Form name being changed to "false" or "true".
  • Forms and Views did not display with the correct styling at runtime when accessed from a public IP, errors that were encountered in this environment were 500 Errors on the CombinedResources.ashx.
  • Adding multiple controls onto a View or Form in which each one's style was set to use the same Language/Region, which was different from the default setting caused the Form not to load at runtime.
  • Opening Forms in a desktop browser performed better than opening the same Form on a mobile device.


    • Changing your default environment from Development to Production in K2 Workspace and then deploying a workflow from the K2 Designer resulted in an error stating 'System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.'
    • When a user that was a manager to other users in Active Directory started the workflow nobody could open the Worklist item. The following error was displayed, "Unable to cast object of type 'System.String' to type 'SourceCode.Workflow.Client.User'."


  • The Calendar Control incorrectly displayed the Date/Time on the tooltip at runtime.
  • When the Checkbox Control's properties are set by using the 'Set a control's properties' rule, the user at runtime is required to click multiple times to check or uncheck the required checkbox.
  • When any of the List Controls such Picker or Drop-Down List are added to a View that has a data source, and the control contains a data source an error occurred stating "Requested value 'undefined' was not found." when the Finish button was clicked.
  • On a View when the Visible property of a Drop-down List or Picker control is set to false, at runtime when the View is loaded the controls would briefly display.
  • In the Picker Control field, when the current value is cleared using the backspace key and a new value is typed, the watermark was not removed which prevented you from reading the new value.
  • When conditional styling was added to the Calendar and Picker control, the styling was not applied at runtime.
  • The “Is Empty” and “Is Not Empty” conditions did not work on the Calendar control.
  • If a Table control was added to the toolbar section of a View, the style properties button was visible for configuration, however if any styles were added to the table, the View would be corrupted with no way to recover the View.
  • When a Rich Textbox control was mapped to a data field while building a workflow and then the data field was inserted into an E-mail event, the Rich Textbox renders in flat text rather than rendering the HTML formatting.
  • When generating a PDF of a Form that contains a Picture control results in the image not being displayed in the PDF.
  • When a Radio Button List control is configured with no watermark and static values a JavaScript error occurs causing an infinite spinner at runtime.
  • At runtime when there is a delay in attaching a file to be uploaded using the File Attachment control on a View an error occurs.
  • Applying a conditional style to a Calendar control that contained expressions caused an error.


  • When a rule is configured with a single and double click event to show different messages, the same message was shown for both the events.
  • When a rule action was configured on the "When the View executed List Refresh" event, the event did not execute at runtime.
  • An error occurred when editing an 'Open a worklist item' Rule Action in Internet Explorer. The error stated "Invalid XML (cannot represent object as string)".
  • Extending inherited rules on a View on a Form does not persist in design time or runtime.
  • The Configuration of the 'Execute another rule' Action on a View did not persist in the rule designer when the same rules exists on the Form level.
  • If a search was performed in the rule designer and then a new rule was added or an existing rule edited, the rule search field would still contain the search text and the list of rules would be filtered according to the search field. The expectation would be that the search field would be cleared and all rules would display in the list.
  • In the layout section of a Form, when clicking on a View the Rules pane filters the rules to only display those rules that belong to the selected View. When you edit one of the rules and click on Finish the rules pane is no longer filtered, and shows all the rules for the Form.
  • When the subview/subform event was executed on a Form, the 'Execute a SmartObject method' action did not execute in nested subforms.
  • When a parameter was mapped in a basic or advanced filter within the rule designer, when the View or Form was finished and then edited the parameter mappings displayed as unresolved Parameter.
  • When editing and saving a Form that contains the 'Send an e-mail' rule action, duplicate line breaks are inserted into the body of the e-mail.
  • Using the rule event 'When a control on a View on a subform raises an event' on Form level to reference a control on a View on a subform, resulted in the rule not being executed at runtime.
  • When using a control's property from the context browser in the rule designer action filter, the Form cannot be edited after deployment due to an error.
  • When inherited rules were deleted they were not removed from custom states caused the rules to go into an error state.
  • 'An item with the same key has already been added…' error could occur when a Form was edited and checked in and out multiple times. This could also result in the duplication of rule conditions and actions on the Form.
  • When deleting a state or a rule that has workflow actions, no warning was given that there were actions that referenced in workflows might break the workflow when deleted.
  • Activity data fields were removed from the Context Browser when configuring the Output Mappings page of the "Open Worklist Item" rule action.


  • Evaluating expressions at runtime resulted in unexpected behavior and often resulted in the return of the incorrect value.
  • When using the 'Random' mathematical operator in a View or Form the browser would become unresponsive at runtime.
  • After upgrading to SmartForms 1.0.7 expressions on an Editable List View no longer functioned as it previously did.


  • When the K2 Designer is opened and used in Internet Explorer 10 it becomes slow after a period in which Views and Forms are opened and closed multiple times.
  • When Internet Explorer 9 is installed on the K2 Server the rendering of the PDF generated using the PDF control is blurry.
  • When two or more “Navigate to” rule actions are configured to execute one after the other, and one of them was a “Navigate to a Form” action, the first navigate action would not get executed at runtime. This issue only occurred in Chrome.
  • The Content control rendered in front of controls like the Dropdown List and popups in Internet Explorer.
  • In Internet Explorer 10, when downloading files on a View with names in different cultures or containing Cyrillic characters the downloaded file name is incorrect.
  • In Internet Explorer and Firefox when running the Twilight theme, the icon to refresh a List View disappears when clicked.

K2 Designer

  • The validation check performed on subforms and subviews when checking in a Form fails to identify all the checked out subviews and subforms.
  • When SmartForms is installed in a K2 environment that does not have Active Directory installed, when the K2 Designer is opened and the menu option 'New Workflow' is selected an 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object' will be displayed.
  • Errors occurred when Forms and Views are checked out, edited in a certain order and then checked back in. This would occur when the edit order was updating a field, deleting a field or control and then inserting a new item. Thick Client Designers
  • In K2 Studio when configuring the Action Display Settings page in the SmartForms Client Event wizard the refresh and ellipsis buttons remained disabled despite selecting the related radio button.
  • In the SmartForms Integration Event wizard, when the Process Start Rule was configured with an "if" and "and" clauses and the Rule position was then moved an error occurred stating 'Insertion index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than or equal to size.'
  • Unable to drag an Item Reference field from the Context Browser onto the Destination field in the SmartForms Client Event wizard.
  • When a Smartforms Client Event wizard was configured and an Activity data field was used as the Destination on the Transfer Form Data to Workflow page an error occurred at deployment stating "An item with the same key has already been added".
  • When upgrading from SmartForms 1.0.5 to 1.0.6 and the Action Settings page in the K2 SmartForms Client Event wizard was configured to use a List Control, an Object Reference error occurred on deployment of the pre-existing workflow.
  • When transferring an XML value from a Form or View to a process data field or XML field in a workflow, the value inside the workflow was no longer in an XML format.
  • Using an Item Reference field that is of a decimal type in a greater than or equals (>=) comparison operator for a line rule results in an error stating "The comparison operator < is not supported on the values in these fields".


  • When a custom control using the ControlUtil.exe was registered, and the XML controlType definition contained the SettingItemsMethod parameter, the SettingItemsMethod value would not be added in the database.