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K2 smartforms Control Pack 1.0.1 (4.13180.1670.0) Resolved Issues List

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KB001669 lists issues for K2 smartforms Control Pack that have been resolved in the K2 smartforms Control Pack 1.0.1 release, released on the 7 August 2014.

Issues Resolved:

Choice control

  • When adding a "When Control is Changed" Rule to a Choice control, the rule does not execute at runtime.
  • A Java script error occurs when trying to use the Styles property of the Choice control.

Rich Text control

  • When a Form is opened from the K2 smartforms Viewer Web Part in SharePoint 2010, a value is typed in the Rich Textbox Control and the create button is clicked, the control remains unpopulated when the record is loaded.

Worklist control

  • Opening a Form that had been redirected using the out of office feature in the Worklist control resulted in an error stating that the user did not have permission to open the Form.
  • Performance optimization.