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K2 smartforms Control Pack 4.6.9 Resolved Issues

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KB001674 lists issues for K2 smartforms Control Pack that have been resolved in the K2 smartforms Control Pack 4.6.9 release, released on the 26 February 2015.

Issues Resolved:

Reporting Controls

  • At runtime when paging was disabled on the Workflow Instances Grid and the grid was sorted or filtered, the ViewFlow would be linked to the incorrect instance.
  • When workflow instances have special characters in the folio, the Workflow Instance Grid at runtime has an endless spinner preventing the report from displaying data.
  • The Workflow Instances Chart displayed an error when the K2 Server's regional setting was set to a language other than English (United States).

Rich Text Control

  • In Internet Explorer 9 when the Rich Text control was set to read-only the vertical scroll bar did not function at runtime.
  • When the Rich Text control was added to a second tab no toolbar items, edit modes or content area would display.
  • When the Rich Textbox control was set with the height as empty, the control did not auto size at runtime. The resolution applied is that the height property can no longer be set to a height value of “0” rather a value between 1px and 32767px needs to be set at design time.
  • When the Rich Text control was bound to a SmartObject with a data type Memo the control would always be in focus at runtime. If the control was located at the bottom of a Form and the Form was opened the page would scroll to the Rich Text control at the bottom of the screen.
  • The Read-only property of the Rich Text control is ignored at runtime, allowing the control to be edited.
  • When a Rich Text control is displayed on a Form in a SharePoint Web Part, the Create method did not execute due to the browser conforming to Internet Explorer 8 Standards as the Documentation Mode.
  • The value captured for the HTML property does not render correctly in Internet Explorer.

Worklist Control

  • A control with a large number of items did not render correctly in Internet Explorer 9 and 10. The bottom portion of the control was cut off and prevented the down arrow of the scrollbar and the paging functionality from displaying.
  • Deleting and recreating the Web Service URL SSL environment field caused worklist items not to display in the Worklist at runtime.
  • It was not possible to hide the View Flow option from showing in the Worklist Control at runtime. A new control property has been added called 'Action Menu Items' that allows the designer to decide which of the menu options should be displayed at runtime.
  • An error stating 'user does not have the permissions to open the task' occurs when trying to open a task item from the "Open Form" option in the Worklist Control when the item was redirected to the user through the Out of Office setting.
  • When using the multiselect option in the Worklist control, only the item whose action menu is opened is actioned instead of all the selected items being actioned.

Choice Control

  • The Choice control’s Changed event did not fire correctly at runtime.
  • At runtime the Choice control did not retain the styling for padding or margins configured at design time.
  • The View’s Clear method did not work on a SmartObject-bound Choice control. Multi-Select Control
  • It was not possible to filter the Multi-Select control based on another control's values.