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DocuSign wizards not appearing in the Designer

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With the release of K2 4.6.10, Feature Activation capabilities have been introduced for the DocuSign Broker. When an instance of the DocuSign Broker is created via the Feature Activation form (Features.Main form in the System category) in SmartForms, the DocuSign wizard category in the K2 Web Designers is enabled.


If the instance is created in any other tool besides the Feature Activation form, such as K2 Workspace, the SmartObject Tester Tool and Package and Deployment, the wizard category for DocuSign will not be available in K2 Web Designers such as K2 SmartForms and K2 for SharePoint.


To successfully enable the DocuSign wizard category, use the Feature Activation form available in SmartForms.

    1. Browse to Systems>Management>Forms in the category tree.
    2. Run the Features.Main form.
    3. Open a workflow in the K2 Designer, the DocuSign wizards will be available in the wizard category.