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Known issue: Mapping a return property for a Drop-Down List control results in an infinite spinner at runtime

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You may see an infinite spinner at runtime when a drop-down list control is mapped to an invalid return property.


This example uses the SharePoint Managed Metadata SmartObject. When configuring the drop-down list control's data source value, the Name value is set by default even if there is not a Name property in the SmartObject's properties, such as with the SharePoint Managed Metadata SmartObject.


When the drop-down list control attempts to retrieve the mapped return property called Name, it does not find it and continues to show the busy spinner, indefinitely.

Note: Although the managed metadata SmartObject is used in this example, this can occur when the drop-down list control is bound to a SmartObject data source, and the return property is not valid.


Specify only valid return properties when configuring the drop-down list control. This can be done by viewing the SmartObject's available return properties for the selected method via the SmartObject Tester Tool.