This article describes how to make changes to the K2 Workspace for Windows app so that a modified version can be distributed via any MDM software platform. Please see the Distributing K2 Mobile with Mobile Device Management (MDM) software article for more information on deploying the mobile app with MDM software.

See the K2 Mobile Support Policy for questions related to support of MDM software.
MDM software provides security management for mobile devices. MDM software is used to manage user devices. For example, you can enforce a connection to a particular server on the specified port. You can also change the K2 Mobile app branding and distribute the app without using MDM software.


Depending on your needs, there are two ways to distribute the app using an MDM platform:

  • Without changing the K2 Workspace store app
    If you want to use an unchanged version of the K2 Workspace app, simply link the K2 Workspace store app to your company's MDM portal and use the portal's link to install on devices.
  • Modifying the K2 Workspace app
    You will need the unsigned K2 Workspace for Windows app. K2 provides this app to customers with a current maintenance agreement. Contact your K2 representative for details. You can then make changes to the contents of the app by using App Packager (MakeAppx.exe) from Microsoft to unbundle the .appxbundle file and make your changes as described below. After modifications you need to create a certificate and sign the app, in order to redistribute it.

Steps for Modifying the K2 Workspace for Windows App

The steps required to customize the app are listed as follows:

  1. Get the unsigned version of the app (Desktop and Tablet only), the .appxbundle file, by contacting your K2 representative.
  2. Unbundle the .appxbundle using App Packager.
  3. Open the unbundled folder and unbundle the .appx files using App Packager.
  4. Open the unbundled files and edit the contents and/or replace images, as needed (described in the examples below).
  5. Save your changes to the files, repackage the files into .appx files, and sign each .appx with the SignTool.
  6. Navigate back to the original folder where the file was unbundled and bundle the contents using App Packager.

As mentioned in step 5, after you've made changes to the app, sign it using the SignTool. Once you’ve signed your app you can distribute and install the signing certificate to all the devices and deploy the app using MDM software. The signing certificate is not provided by K2.

Example branding the K2 Mobile app

Inside the unbundled .appxbundle folder, you will see that there are multiple .appx files. Each .appx file is a different scale value for the app. For each of these you can change the name and images for the app.

Changing the App Name

Within all the .appx files, once unbundled using the App Packager, there are AppxBundleManifest.xml files, open and edit the DisplayName field:

<DisplayName>Your Company Name Workspace</DisplayName>


DisplayName="Your Company Name Workspace"

Changing the images

Inside the appx files is a folder named Assets. Replace the images in this folder with your company branding images. Note: The replaced images must have the exact name and dimensions as the originals.

  • BadgeLogo (requires a white foreground on a transparent background)
  • Logo
  • SmallLogo
  • SplashScreen
  • Square
  • Wide


The following links explain how to modify files within the .appxbundle by:

More information:

For signing certificate generation purposes:

  • The publisher is listed in the manifest and can be found in \AppxMetadata\AppxBundleManifest.xml where Publisher="CN=XXX"
  • The hash algorithm used is SHA256