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SmartStarters FAQ

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This article contains Frequently Asked Questions about K2 SmartStarters (formerly known as Application Accelerators).

Q: What are K2 SmartStarters?

K2 SmartStarters are free, preconfigured apps that our customers can start using immediately, for an immediate return on investment on the K2 platform. Each SmartStarter provides a fully functional application consisting of forms, workflows and SmartObjects. Where needed, customers can extend capability of any SmartStarter since these have been built on K2’s low-code platform, making it easy for app builders to adopt and customize the SmartStarters.

K2 offers over 50 SmartStarters covering a wide variety of scenarios including employee self-service, expense management and document and task review. K2 blackpearl customers can download available SmartStarters on K2.com. K2 Appit for SharePoint customers can access SmartStarters from within their Appit subscription by navigating to the K2 Application page on any list of library or by accessing the Appit Management console.

Q: Are there new SmartStarters with the 4.7 Release?

Yes. There are 13 new SmartStarters for K2 blackpearl. In addition, 11 of the existing SmartStarters for K2 blackpearl have been rebuilt for 4.7. SmartStarters for Appit remain unchanged at this time.

Q: Do the new SmartStarters released with 4.7 work on previous versions of K2 blackpearl?

No. Customers must be on K2 blackpearl 4.7 in order to download and use the 24 SmartStarters recently released. For customers using previous versions, they can continue to use the SmartStarters that are compatible with pre-4.7 versions of K2 blackpearl.

Q: I have one of the current SmartStarters installed, what will happen if I upgrade to 4.7 and install the 4.7 SmartStarters?

If you upgrade your K2 environment to 4.7 and have SmartStarters currently deployed, your solutions will be upgraded along with your environment. Your SmartStarters will not include any of the enhancements to the workflows, forms or SmartObjejcts that may be present in the 4.7 version of SmartForms.

You can download and deploy the 4.7 SmartStarters for the additional features, and they can run in parallel with your existing pre-4.7 SmartStarters. 

Q: If I have existing SmartStarters, will installing the new SmartStarters affect my existing SmartStarters?

No. The new SmartStarters are additional SmartStarters and will not affect your existing SmartStarters.

Q: Is the download experience the same for pre-4.7 SmartStarters and the 4.7 SmartStarters?

No. With pre-4.7 SmartStarters, you go to www.k2.com/smartstarters and click on the 4.6.11 download button. The zip files download from this web page. With the 4.7 SmartStarters, you go to www.k2.com/smartstarters, click the 4.7 button and it routes you to the K2 Partner and Customer Portal. Follow the instructions on that page to install. This is due to the additional requirement of installing the App Framework for the new 4.7 SmartStarters. The experience will automatically redirect the user to the appropriate experience based on the SmartStarter version that they choose.

Q: If I try to deploy 4.7-based SmartStarters when I'm on K2 4.6.11, will I get an error message?

Yes. In Package and Deployment, you will receive the following error message:


Q: What are the pre-requisites for the 4.7 SmartStarters?

The following items will need to be installed and configured in your K2 environment:

  1.  K2 blackpearl 4.7 (available at https://portal.k2.com/downloads/bp/Default.aspx)
  2. K2 App Framework (available at www.k2.com/k2appframework

Once you have the above installed and configured, you can download the SmartStarters of your choice at http://www.k2.com/products/marketplace/smartstarters

Q: Can I modify the App Framework for SmartStarters? If I decide to, what is the recommended approach?

The App Framework must be installed in all environments where any 4.7 SmartStarters will be deployed. K2 plans to ship updates to the framework in the future and for this reason the App Framework components must not be altered in any way. Future updates from K2 will overwrite any custom changes you made to the App Framework artifacts.

Altering these components will likely have an adverse effect on your SmartStarters as it may cause unexpected errors to occur.

In cases where you want to alter behavior of views and forms that ship with the App Framework, simply use the save-as function in the K2 Designer to create your own copy of the view or form and use this new copy in your application.