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Code Fix: When SharePoint Task events on a subsite’s custom list share similar names, a 404 error occurs.

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Issue Description
When you create a custom list on a subsite in SharePoint 2013 and integrate it with the K2 app to create SmartObjects and Workflows, the SharePoint user task to view or edit the related custom list item directs you to the incorrect URL and a 404 error will be displayed.

Error Message
A generic 404 error occurs.

The URL path is merged with the SharePoint subsite path. A replace all replaced extra fields that were not required, corrupting the URL instead of merging the URL.

Repo Steps

  1. Create a subsite in SharePoint 2013 with a name of IT.
  2. Create a custom list with a prefix of the subsite name. e.g. IT Request.
  3. Integrate the list with the K2 app selecting only SmartObjects and Workflows.
  4. Design the workflow containing a User Task and select the edit option.
  5. Deploy the workflow and start an instance of the workflow.
  6. Open the worklist item in K2 Workspace and the 404 error is display.  


  1. Contact Support to get the required hotfix.
  2. Apply the hotfix to your environment according to the Read me file.
  3. Open/edit the affected Workflow.
  4. Deploy the Workflow.