Issue Description

When designing a workflow using the Create Site Event, followed by the Create Library Event, an error occurs at runtime and the library is not created. This occurs when the Use existing library on site if found option is enabled and the name Documents is used for the library. When another name is entered for the library, the library will be created but will not display as it is created as a hidden library, which is incorrect.

Error Message

The following error message displays “The Library already exists.”


The name reference for the “Use Existing” control and “Hidden” control was incorrect in the layout.xml file in the create library SmartWizard.


  1. Ensure you have K2 4.7 installed.
  2. Download and Install the K2 4.7 May 2017 Cumulative Update from K2 Partner and Customer Portal.
  3. Get the K2 4.7 May 2017 Cumulative Update FP2 from Regional Support.
  4. Install the K2 4.7 May 2017 Cumulative Update FP2 to apply the fix.