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How To: Deploy a SharePoint Workflow to Multiple Sites and Subsites in the Same Environment



If you do not have unique names for the sites and subsites in your target SharePoint environment, K2 Package and Deployment finds existing workflows that have the same system name and maps to those instances. If you continue deploying, you overwrite those existing workflows on those lists or libraries instead of deploying to the new list or library.

More Information

When you deploy a SharePoint workflow package on the same SharePoint environment, make sure that the system name given to the workflow during deployment is unique by giving your sites and subsites unique names. 

The system name of a workflow is generated as follows: 

{Site Name} {List Name} \ {List Name} Workflow.

The same site name and list name could be used even though the site might be a subsite below the current site. This only becomes an issue when deploying the workflow to the same K2 environment. This is not an issue when deploying between different K2 servers.

Best Practices

  • When setting up the environment, the site and subsite names must be unique if the target site is integrated with the same K2 server. You can accomplish this by giving different names to the sites and subsites in your environment. Don't use the same subsite names in your various main sites, make each subsite a different name. For example, if you have two main sites called Europe and America, don't have an Employees subsite in both main sites. Name one EU_Employes and the other USA_Employees.
  • When using K2 Package and Deployment to map and deploy the package to a SharePoint list or library for sites with similar names and structures, check that the artifacts are mapped to their correct site or subsite. Image