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Known Issue: Upgrade Errors Reserved Namespace used for Object Names



All system artifacts in K2 use the com.K2.App.* namespace. If you use this namespace when naming your objects, you will receive errors on upgrade due to conflicting names or missing GUIDs. You will not be able to complete an upgrade of your environment.

Error Message

If you use com.K2.App.* namespace you will receive errors similar to the following when you try upgrade:

One or more items was not found

Guid: 'a5d9c236-0d64-4e67-b9f0-01e098c83e36';ContextType: 'View'

Guid: '3d6194f4-2311-42c6-b0df-78e4956fff7a';ContextType: 'View'

Guid: 'cc2a48a3-cb26-44c3-b75a-804d9c3f42df';ContextType: 'View'


   at SourceCode.Runtime.Services.Forms.Services.DeploymentCollatorService.PostDeploy(DeploymentPlan plan)

   at SourceCode.Deployment.Runtime.ServerSession.AsyncDeploy()

Failed!  Category                       com.K2.App.Framework.Extension.GeneralNotification.DeployPackage.V2.0.0.D |        00:00:00.1110228


Do not use com.K2.App.* when naming objects you create. If you experience these errors, contact support.