K2 Cloud Update 4 and K2 Five 5.1 introduced the Favorite Apps workspace. This change was implemented to separate the experience of creating and administering Apps (using the Apps workspace)  from users who will use the Apps (using the Favorite Apps workspace). End Users will now use the Favorite Apps workspace to open Apps.

Enabling the Favorite Apps workspace

You may need to enable the Favorite Apps workspace before it will appear in the workspace selection menu. To enable the Favorite Apps workspace:

  1. Launch the K2 Management Site
  2. Navigate to Users > Custom Workspaces
  3. Select the Favorite Apps workspace item, and click the Hide/Show menu item so that the Visible icon does not show a red line through it

Change in behavior from K2 Cloud Update 2/3

In Cloud Update 2 and Cloud Update 3, the Apps workspace looked like this, where the FAVORITES and APPLICATIONS headings were used to launch available Apps:

From K2 Cloud Update 4 and K2 Five 5.1, the existing Apps workspace focuses on available Apps for creation, or apps being created:

The actual Apps that are available for use will be moved to the new Favorite Apps Workspace. This includes Apps previously located in the FAVORITES and APPLICATIONS headings, as well as any customer-created App groups.