K2 Five (5.1) Fix Packs

The K2 Five (5.1) Fix Packs contain fixes for issues reported in K2 Five (5.1). K2 recommends that you test these Fix Packs before you deploy to a production environment.

Fix PackRelease DateRelease notesDownload Link
Fix Pack 1 18 May 2018 Release notes Download Fix Pack 1
Fix Pack 2 22 May 2018 Release notes Download Fix Pack 2
Fix Pack 3 29 May 2018 Release notes Download Fix Pack 3
Fix Pack 4 5 June 2018 Release notes Download Fix Pack 4
Fix Pack 5 12 June 2018 Release notes Download Fix Pack 5
Fix Pack 6 19 June 2018 Release notes Download Fix Pack 6
Fix Pack 7 26 June 2018 Release notes Download Fix Pack 7
Fix Pack 8 6 July 2018 Release notes Download Fix Pack 8
Fix Pack 9 10 July 2018 Release notes Download Fix Pack 9
Fix Pack 10 18 July 2018 Release notes Download Fix Pack 10
Fix Pack 11 25 July 2018 Release notes Download Fix Pack 11
Fix Pack 12 31 July 2018 Release notes Download Fix Pack 12
Fix Pack 13 7 August 2018 Release notes Download Fix Pack 13

Prerequisites and Dependencies

The Fix Packs are only compatible with K2 Five (5.1) products. Because Fix Packs are cumulative, each new Fix Pack contains the updates and fixes that were included with the previous Fix Pack releases. K2 Five (5.1) must be installed first after which the latest Fix Pack must be installed.

Obtaining and installing the Fix Pack

You can download the latest Fix Pack installer by using the links above. To install the latest Fix Pack follow the instructions in the Installation instructions.pdf included in the installer package.

Fix Pack 1

This fix pack includes the following fixes and enhancements:
  1. Feature: You can enhance data security even further now by using Data Access Policies to control which users may access all data stored in a SmartObject, and who may access only specific records stored in a SmartBox SmartObject.
  2. Consideration: The Exchange service type has been renamed to Exchange Online. Exchange instances and generated SmartObjects created in K2 5.1 will continue to work and will remain under the same Exchange category structure they were in before the Fix Pack is applied. New instances and generated SmartObjects created after installing the K2 5.1 Fix Pack 1 will be under the Exchange Online category under the root node
  3. KB002385 - Hotfix: SharePoint Authentication is not responding to logins from different users
  4. KB002386 - Hotfix: Adding a new row to a View in K2 Workflow Designer (Legacy) fails
  5. KB002387 - Hotfix: You are unable to set the “Manager Can Update Membership List” checkbox on a multi domain environment
  6. KB002388 - Hotfix: Worklist items can be released in K2 Workspace but not in K2 Management
  7. KB002389 - Hotfix: Anonymous Form access from a secondary runtime site causes an error
  8. KB002390 - Hotfix: Cannot inherit from DocuSign SmartObject dll assembly to override methods
  9. KB002391 - Hotfix: In K2 for SharePoint, document versioning does not work as expected
  10. KB002392 - Hotfix: Guest users cannot see any forms when signed into the K2 Mobile app
  11. KB002393 - Hotfix: K2 Management landing page displays incorrectly when using the Hebrew language
  12. KB002394 - Hotfix: Using K2 Management in a browser with non- English settings displays a horizontal scrollbar through the context browser
  13. KB002395 - Hotfix: The K2 Management user name does not display correctly when using the Hebrew language
  14. KB002396 - Hotfix: Role name overlaps the user icon in K2 Management when using the Hebrew language
  15. KB002397 - Hotfix: Adding a column to the left or right in K2 Designer does not work correctly with the Hebrew language
  16. KB002398 - Hotfix: In K2 Designer, using a combination of properties from many SmartObjects from “Recent” in the context browser causes an error
  17. KB002399 - Hotfix: Icons display incorrectly in runtime when using the Browser Zoom on a form with Lithium theme applied
  18. KB002400 - Hotfix: After an upgrade to K2 Five, the “Next” button for K2 Package and Deployment is disabled
  19. KB002401 - Hotfix: At K2 smartforms runtime, moving items from Available to Selected in the Multi-Select Control using the “>” button does not work correctly
  20. KB002402 - Hotfix: Opening a worklist item in K2 Workspace results in an error
  21. KB002403 - Hotfix: Deploying a process with references to a custom assembly fails
  22. KB002404 - Hotfix: An object reference error occurs when creating SmartObjects for a SharePoint List
  23. KB002405 - Hotfix: Unable to edit items in an Editable List View that contains a filtered drop-down list
  24. KB002406 - Hotfix: Unable to deploy a .NET Framework 4.7.1 based workflow via K2 Package and Deployment
  25. KB002407 - Hotfix: Hotfix: Unable to publish a SmartObject of an MS-SQL table with column names with non-English characters
  26. KB002408 - Hotfix: An error occurs when executing a Salesforce SmartObject
  27. KB002409 - Hotfix: Salesforce system views and forms are not hidden in K2 Designer
  28. KB002410 - Hotfix: An error occurs when viewing the Error tab in K2 Management Site
  29. KB002411 - Hotfix: When executing an Exchange SmartObject method an error occurs
  30. KB002412 - Hotfix: The K2 Workflow email event format is returned incorrectly when copied from Microsoft Office products
  31. KB002413 - Hotfix: After activating the Exchange feature, the Exchange SmartObjects are not visible in K2 Designer
  32. KB002414 - Hotfix: An error occurs in K2 Package and Deployment on the Map Service Instance page
  33. KB002415 - Hotfix: Unable to deploy a solution due to view errors
  34. KB002416 - Hotfix: Duplicate Emails received when using the K2 Workflow SendEmail step
  35. KB002417 - Hotfix: K2 Workflows don't start when configured to start with a SharePoint event
  36. KB002420 - Hotfix: When using a SmartObject generated from a stored procedure, the identifier does not return at runtime
  37. KB002430 - Hotfix: Unable to add users with multiple authentication accounts to K2 Management security
  38. KB002431 - Hotfix: Unable to create Error Profiles in K2 Management
  39. KB002432 - Hotfix: Unable to upgrade to K2 Five (5.1) when the K2 database has data integrity issues
  40. KB002434 - Hotfix: When attempting to edit a workflow with a high number of steps, the workflow does not load
  41. KB002438 - Hotfix: Upgrading to K2 Five (5.1) moved deployed workflows to the root category

Fix Pack 2

This fix pack includes the following fixes:
  1. KB002444 - Hotfix: When executing a list method from an Oracle data source, returned results only displays content from the first page
  2. KB002445 - Hotfix: When starting a workflow via the REST service, the folio name in the webservice call saves incorrectly
  3. KB002446 - Hotfix: Form opens twice in Internet Explorer
  4. KB002447 - Hotfix: When Out of Office is configured via the API for a future date, the forwarding user receives tasks before the configured Out of Office date
  5. KB002448 - Hotfix: Nested expressions cause dependency warning to show after upgrading from K2 SmartForms 4.6.11 to K2 Five
  6. KB002449 - Hotfix: After upgrading to K2 4.7 the Edit toolbar button on a list view did not function correctly
  7. KB002450 - Hotfix: When sorting a list view by the date column, the order is incorrect

Fix Pack 3

This fix pack includes the following fixes:
  1. KB002470 - Hotfix: Starting a K2 workflow in K2 Management site results in an error
  2. KB002471 - Hotfix: The K2 Picker Control loses focus on an iOS (Apple Mobile Operating System) device
  3. KB002472 - Hotfix: An exception occurs when executing an Endpoint WCF service method
  4. KB002473 - Hotfix: Executing the “getDocumentSets” method results an error
  5. KB002474 - Hotfix: An exception occurs when using the Select All button when creating a K2 Package and Deployment package
  6. KB002475 - Hotfix: Unable to delete SmartObjects after upgrading to K2 Five (5.1)
  7. KB002476 - Hotfix: An error occurs when executing a SmartObject method that is mapped to a ServiceObject method
  8. KB002477 - Hotfix: Hotfix: Item Reference for SharePoint People or Group column does not resolve
  9. KB002478 - Hotfix: The multi-select control does not retrieve items correctly

Fix Pack 4

This fix pack includes the following fixes:
  1. KB002489 - Hotfix: Retrying a legacy workflow in error state incorrectly completes the workflow
  2. KB002490 - Hotfix: Unable to deploy a workflow with three or more actions
  3. KB002491 - Hotfix: When a workflow contains a mathematical sum or minimum inline function, the workflow goes into an error state
  4. KB002492 - Hotfix: Multiple missing reference errors when deploying a package
  5. KB002493 - Hotfix: When deploying a package containing a Lookup List as a reference, the referenced workflow cannot be deployed
  6. KB002494 - Hotfix: Selecting multiple values in a SmartForms Picker control causes the control to render incorrectly
  7. KB002495 - Hotfix: Unable to remap existing lists when deploying with K2 Package and Deployment
  8. KB002496 - Hotfix: Unable to deploy a package using K2 Package and Deployment after installing a Fix Pack
  9. KB002497 - Hotfix: When using non-English characters in Email events or User Task notifications, the email format is incorrect
  10. KB002498 - Hotfix: When attempting to reconfigure a SmartObject step, an error occurs

Fix Pack 5

This fix pack includes the following fixes:
  1. KB002504 - Hotfix: Unable to access a K2 application after deploying a K2 Package and Deployment package
  2. KB002505 - Hotfix: Unable to move a SmartObject between categories in K2 Management
  3. KB002506 - Hotfix: Unable to filter on an empty field in a User Manager SmartObject
  4. KB002507 - Hotfix: An error occurs when executing a REST Service Add method to add a serialized value

Fix Pack 6

This fix pack includes the following fixes:
  1. KB002521 - Hotfix: The Rich Text control behaves incorrectly in Runtime
  2. KB002522 - Hotfix: Activating a Subsite on SharePoint to use the K2 application presents an error
  3. KB002523 - Hotfix: Viewflow instances of large K2 Workflows result in performance issues
  4. KB002524 - Hotfix: Updating a SharePoint item multiple times in Runtime presents an error
  5. KB002525 - Hotfix: After deploying a package an error is presented when regenerating SmartObjects and Forms
  6. KB002526 - Hotfix: When using an invalid Runtime URL in a Workflow task rule, an error occurs in Workflow Designer
  7. KB002527 - Hotfix: When creating a new List item with K2 for SharePoint forms, an error is presented

Fix Pack 7

This fix pack includes the following fixes:
  1. KB002532 - Hotfix: Navigating to a K2 Application from any SharePoint list or library may result in a user being logged out
  2. KB002533 - Hotfix: Incorrect value displays when you return a reference property with no value
  3. KB002534 - Hotfix: When you execute a GetSmartObject method, an error is presented
  4. KB002535 - Hotfix: Executing the Get List Items method for SharePoint SmartObjects presents an error
  5. KB002536 - Hotfix: Unable to edit a workflow when you use Windows Authentication with the HTML5 Designer
  6. KB002537 - Hotfix: When you edit the Start Workflow rule in a form, an error occurs

This fix pack contains a roll back for KB002491 released in Fix Pack 4.

Fix Pack 8

This fix pack includes the following fixes:
  1. KB002550 - Hotfix: K2 Role not updated intermittently when using Identity Microservices
  2. KB002551 - Hotfix: When using non-English characters in Email events or User Task notifications, the email format is incorrect
  3. KB002552 - Hotfix: After deploying a K2 package, regenerating Forms and SmartObjects results in an error
  4. KB002553 - Hotfix: Unable to copy text from a single cell in an Editable list view
  5. KB002554 - Hotfix: Paging does not work on the Get Document Sets SmartObject method
  6. KB002555 - Hotfix: K2 Workflow Reports do not return data
  7. KB002556 - Hotfix: An exception occurs in K2 Management on the Mobile node

Fix Pack 9

This fix pack includes the following fixes:
  1. KB002562 - Hotfix: When redirecting a worklist item, Viewflow still displays the original destination user
  2. KB002563 - Hotfix: After upgrading to K2 Five (5.1), an error occurs when you regenerate SmartObjects
  3. KB002564 - Hotfix: K2 Workflow Instance list does not sort all pages in K2 Management
  4. KB002565 - Hotfix: The Oracle Service broker does not return content data of the clob column
  5. KB002566 - Hotfix: An apostrophe displays incorrectly in email events in runtime

Fix Pack 10

This fix pack includes the following fixes:
  1. KB002576 - Hotfix: Line breaks added to email body when received from the Rich Text control
  2. KB002577 - Hotfix: The participant name for a user task does not update when used in an Inline Function after you redirect a task
  3. KB002578 - Hotfix: The K2 smartforms Slider control does not function correctly on mobile applications
  4. KB002579 - Hotfix: The K2 smartforms Radio button list control does not wrap the text inside the control
  5. KB002580 - Hotfix: Data field value is not updated when the value is set to empty
  6. KB002581 - Hotfix: When opening the View Flow the browser becomes unresponsive
  7. KB002582 - Hotfix: Conditional styling does not apply on a list view when comparing fields with decimal values
  8. KB002583 - Hotfix: An error occurs when installing a Fix Pack on K2 Five (5.1)

Fix Pack 11

This fix pack includes the following fixes:
  1. KB002591 - Hotfix: The Rich Text control toolbar drop-down is visible even if there are no toolbar items to display in the drop-down
  2. KB002592 - Hotfix: When you are a member of the Security Administrators role, you are unable to add another user to the role
  3. KB002593 - Hotfix: Unable to drag a subform or subview to the top of the screen
  4. KB002594 - Hotfix: Users in the Everyone K2 role are unable to start a workflow manually
  5. KB002595 - Hotfix: The workflow lines are not visible in View Flow
  6. KB002599 - Hotfix: The workflow Roles tab displays the incorrect role name in K2 Management
  7. KB002600 - Hotfix: SharePoint list attachments are duplicated in an email event
  8. KB002601 - Hotfix: When using a Loop step in a workflow, incorrect execution behavior occurs
  9. KB002603 - Hotfix: When using non-English characters in Email events and task notifications, the message content displays incorrectly at runtime
  10. KB002604 - Hotfix: The Task User category does not display in the Context Browser when you design a workflow

Fix Pack 12

This fix pack includes the following fixes:
  1. KB002602 - Hotfix: An error occurs when running the K2 for SharePoint application registration and activation
  2. KB002609 - Hotfix: Unable to delete an action from a rule in a form
  3. KB002610 - Hotfix: Button action is not triggered on a subview or subform on iPad

Fix Pack 13

This fix pack includes the following fixes:
  1. KB002616 - Hotfix: Hybrid SharePoint on-premise and SharePoint Online App activation fails with an error
  2. KB002617 - Hotfix: When updating the metadata for a document that is checked out, the document will automatically be checked in
  3. KB002618 - Hotfix: Unable to perform a quick search on a list view
  4. KB002619 - Hotfix: When testing a form using the Run with parameters, the parameters do not display