You deploy a solution to a different site collection. The solution contains a custom SharePoint list with a Person or Group column and a workflow. The workflow includes a SharePoint user task that references the list's Person or Group column. When you start the workflow, the workflow instance shows the Item not found in a collection error message.



You create a custom SharePoint list ("List 1") and add a Person or Group column using the Quick Edit menu.


You add an item to the list with values for Title ("Level 1") and Person or Group ("Bob Maggio") and then integrate the list with K2. During the integration process, you select the option to allow the SmartObject to be used in Workflows for the Site and all of its subsites.


Create another custom SharePoint list ("List 2") and integrate it with K2. In the workflow, add a SharePoint user task and, for the task recipient, use the Context Browser to find the SmartObject for the first list and, using the Get List Items method, drag the Person or Group property onto the destination window. In the pop-up, use the Item Reference for the second list to drag the Title property into the Parameter Window Title.


Deploy the workflow and manually start a new instance called Level 1 of the workflow and send the task to Bob. Use Package and Deployment to create a package on List 2.

Create a new Site Collection and a new custom SharePoint list ("Target List 1"). Use the same steps as in List 1 and add a Person Or Group column using the Quick Edit menu. Make sure to name the Group or Person column exactly the same as what you called it for List 1. Add an item to the TargetList1 with values in the Title ("Level 1") and Person or Group ("Holly Anderson"). Create another list ("Target List 2") and deploy the package to this list.

When you start a new workflow instance called Level 1, you see the Item not found in this collection error.


This is a known error. The error happens when you use the Quick Edit mode when creating the Person or Group column. There is no workaround other than to use the Create Column option from the List ribbon when creating the Person or Group column instead of Quick Edit.