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Known Issue: Applying specific Fix Packs cause customized HTML in an email body to display incorrectly at runtime



A change in behavior for rendering customized HTML in the body of an email occurred after installing one of the following Fix Packs:

  • K2 Cloud Update 4 Fix Pack 1or later
  • K2 Five (5.1) Fix Pack 1or later 
  • K2 Five (5.0) Fix Pack 23 or later

Original behavior

When you customized an email body in K2 using the HTML editor, at runtime the HTML formatted correctly. For example, see below:

Fig 1. HTML editor before applying the Fix Packs

Fig 2. Email body at runtime before applying the Fix Packs

Behavior change

After applying one of the above-mentioned Fix Packs and redeploying workflows, at runtime the email’s HTML formatting was lost and HTML tags were displayed instead, as shown below:

Fig 3. Email body at runtime after applying the Fix Packs


Prior to the mentioned Fix Packs there was a known bug that allowed certain HTML elements to render in email. After installing the Fix Packs, and upgrading or redeploying your workflow, HTML code in the email body displayed flattened and encoded text values used in the email body no longer decoded correctly at runtime.


  1. Use the HTML View value when configuring the email body instead of the HTML code.
  2. Alternatively, use an external HTML editor to format the text.
    1. Create your email body format.
    2. Copy the HTML view of the content from the external HTML editor and paste it into the K2 text editor.
  3. Redeploy the workflow.


Take note of the following considerations:
  • Prior to the Fix Packs, if you pasted HTML code into the email rich text editor performance issues were experienced
  • After applying the Fix Packs the HTML renders as flattened text at runtime
  • This issue only occurs after applying the Fix Packs and redeploying a reconfigured workflow