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Known Issue: After installing K2 Five Fix Pack 19, deploying workflows in K2 Studio/Visual Studio fails

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Issue Description

After installing K2 Five 5.0 Fix Pack 19, when you try to deploy workflows using K2 Studio or Visual Studio, the deployment fails. K2 Studio reports no errors and no warnings. Visual Studio reports errors like 'The type or namespace name [typename] does not exist in the namespace 'SourceCode' (are you missing an assembly reference?)'

Screenshots of the behavior:
K2 Studio

Visual Studio


After installing Fix Pack 19 (or later), K2 workflow definitions should target .NET Framework 4.6.1. The workflow definitions for existing projects may not be updated to target this new version of the .NET Framework, and therefore deployment fails when you attempt to deploy the workflow to a K2 server.


To work around this issue, follow the steps below

  1. Use a text editor like notepad to open the .k2proj file of the project containing the workflow you want to deploy
  2. Find the following entry:
  3. Change that entry to the following:
  4. Save the *.k2proj file
  5. Open the project in K2 Studio/Visual Studio. Now you should be able to deploy the workflow