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How to use Saved Environments


K2's Support Ticket system allows you to save a K2 environment's information, which can help to simplify and speed up logging of support tickets. Keeping your saved environment information up to date is a great way to help K2's support team assist you quickly and effectively. This article describes how to use the saved environments feature.

Access Saved Environments

There are a few different ways you can access the Saved Environments feature:

  • while logging a new Support Ticket or actioning an open Support Ticket
  • by navigating to the My Saved Environments page in the Customer and Partner portal

While logging a new Support Ticket

When creating a new ticket (https://portal.k2.com/ticket/default), you can add or edit Environments.
Under Issue Details, the Environment field has a dropdown where you can select a saved Environment. Next to this is a button to Add/Edit Environments.

While actioning an open Support Ticket

If a ticket has been sent to you for your action, you will also be able to access your saved Environments.

Navigate directly to Saved Environments

In the Portal menu system, select Support > My Saved Environments as shown below, or you can navigate directly using the following link:

Create a new Environment

To create a new Saved Environment, click the New Environment button.

Give your Environment a descriptive name, so you can distinguish between different environments in your organization. Use the dropdowns to select the relevant product versions used in that Environment. You may also add Additional Notes, if you have any other specific environmental factors which may be important to troubleshooting a ticket (for example, lower-speed WAN connections between some facilities, usage of custom brokers, etc.).

Be sure to click Save when you are done.

Edit an existing Environment

From the list of saved Environments, select the Environment you wish to change. This will populate the Environment Details below the list view.

Make the necessary changes and click Save.

If you have upgraded from K2 blackpearl to K2 Five, you will need to change the K2 Product dropdown, as well as the K2 Product Build.


Delete an Environment

To delete an existing Saved Environment (for example if you have decomissioned an environment), select the environment from your list, and click on Delete Environment.

Before deleting the environment, you will be prompted to confirm or cancel the delete. Once you delete, it will not be possible to restore it, and you would need to create a new environment to replace it.