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Code Fix: An error occurs when renaming a reference on a loop step


Issue Description

When you rename a reference on a loop step in a K2 Workflow, an error occurs when you deploy the workflow.

Error Message

The following error occurs: “Missing reference at ItemReferenceField 'Value'  in Event 'SmartObject Method' in Activity 'SmartObject Method'. Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”


  1. Ensure you have K2 Five (5.2) installed.
  2. Download the K2 Five (5.2) FP11 from K2 Partner and Customer Portal.
  3. Install the K2 Five (5.2) FP11 to apply the fix.
  4. It is recommended to refresh the browser cache.


This fix will not apply to steps already in broken state. For steps already in broken state you will have to re-drop and configure the step again.