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Known Issue: Converting Text Values to Date/Time Slows View Load



When you use conversion functions in an expression in a view to convert SmartObject values, such as using the To DateTime function to convert text-based dates into a DateTime format, your view or form may load slower than expected or be sluggish.


Using conversion functions requires multiple calls to the K2 server. These server calls may impact performance.


See the following tips when using conversion functions in an expression. Also see Performance Considerations – SmartForms for guidance and suggestions for improving performance of K2 SmartForms.

  • If possible, change the data type of any date/time data in your SmartObject to the Date or Date/Time format instead of the Text format.
  • Limit any processing or conversion of data on the client side in expressions.
  • Use stored procedures on the server to more efficiently do data conversion, and create SmartObjects based on these stored procedures.