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Code Fix: A user is unable to access a form after the user was added to a K2 Role with access to the form


Issue Description

When you add a new user to an existing K2 Role with rights on a view or form, the user is unable to access the view or form and an error is displayed.

Error Message

The following error is displayed: “Form [FormName] could not be found. Ensure that the form exists, that it is checked in, and that you are authorized to run the form”.


  1. Ensure you have K2 Five (5.2) installed.
  2. Download the K2 Five (5.2) FP18 from K2 Partner and Customer Portal.
  3. Install the K2 Five (5.2) FP18 to apply the fix.
  4. It is recommended to refresh the browser cache.


For existing roles, users need to wait for the Identity service to refresh after 8 hours, or the use admin user can edit the role and select OK - this will add the new user to the Identity table correctly. Any new roles and users will work once the fix has been applied.