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Known Issue: Navigating to a Link URL for a file or document in Google Drive results in a 404 error


A known issue exists where Google Drive may return a 404 - Not Found error when you attempt to open a file or document. If you have used the Google Drive Feature and execute the the Get Share URL and Get Share URL by ID SmartObject methods, the Link return property should allow you to open the file/document by opening the URL. However, some file types (for example Microsoft Word .docx files) are identified as non-native files by Google Drive, which results in the 404 error being returned because the returned links are invalid.

Recreation Steps

  1. In Google Drive, create a Google Document, name the document “test” then add some content to the file
  2. Go back to the folder view where the file is contained and rename the document to “test.docx”
  3. Right-click the document and select “Get shareable link”, and obtain the ID from the link
  4. Use the ID obtained in Step 3 (or the document path) in the SmartObject's Get Share URL or Get Share URL by ID method
  5. Use a browser to navigate to the returned Link value, and observe the 404 error


This issue has been reported to Google for investigation.