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Code Fix: No data returns when you search for a user containing brackets in the display name


Issue Description

This Fix Pack fixes two issues.

Issue 1:
When an Azure Active Directory user display name contains brackets, for example [Test] User and you execute the UMUser > Get Users SmartObject and search for “[Test]”, no results return.

Issue 2:
When you execute a SmartObject method with a filter using brackets, no data returns. For example, if you have a serial number for an item with the value 1_5 and you add a filter to Start with 1[_], the expected result is for all rows to return where the first two characters are 1_, but no data returns.


The fix is available in the following K2 versions:

K2 4.7 December 2019 Cumulative Update K2 Five (5.0) December 2019 Cumulative Update K2 Five (5.1) November 2018 Cumulative Update K2 Five (5.2) May 2019 Cumulative Update K2 Five (5.3)
X X Fix Pack 33 X X
  1. Ensure you have the correct K2 version and/or Cumulative Update installed. See KB001893 to see what Fix Pack level you have installed.
  2. Download the latest Fix Pack using the links in the table above for the version you require.
  3. Install the Fix Pack to apply the fix.


If you specify a ‘Starts with’ condition with an underscore in the filter, for example 2_, the correct results will now return which are only records starting with 2_. This was previously handled as a ‘Contains’ instead of ‘Starts with’ and used to return all records where 2_ existed.