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Updates required for custom CSS



SmartForms are able to be customized by injecting custom code (such as JS or CSS) into the forms definitions using data labels, expressions, or parameters to add literal HTML code. With the June 2020 Update for K2 Platform (or the K2 Platform Classic 5.4 release), changes have been made to the runtime HTML to replace <TABLE> layouts with <DIV> layouts in item views and forms.  If you have added custom code that relies on table structure HTML selectors, you will need to update them. This change does not impact list views, which will still render as tables.

If you have not made any customizations to CSS or JS using data labels, expressions, or parameters to your forms or item views, you will not be impacted by this change.

Changed Behavior

When rendering the table control, previously <TABLE> layouts were used. With this update, new instances of the table control will use <DIV> layouts. Your runtime definitions will NOT be upgraded automatically, so your forms will continue to render with the old layout until you edit them.

When you edit your form or item view, we will update the rendering HTML to use <DIV>. If you have data labels with injected literal code that uses <SCRIPT> or <STYLE>, we will warn you when you check-in your form, as the changed behavior may render your form differently than before. It is up to you to test your functionality before checking-in the form and affecting your users.

If you have tested your form and fixed everything, then you can safely ignore this warning and check-in your form or view. You will not see the warning again, as the layout tables will now render as <DIV>. We expect the majority of your forms, especially if you have only used out of the box functionality, will upgrade just fine to the div structure. But, when editing your forms to make changes, be sure to test the runtime experience before checking in changes.