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Cannot deploy a workflow and a "System.ArgumentNullException" error appears

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When deploying a workflow, the following error appears:

"System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: registeredWizard
   at SourceCode.Framework.WizardDefinition..ctor(WizardElement registeredWizard)
   at SourceCode.WebDesigner.Authoring.Forms.GenerateProcess.CreateClientEvents(XmlDocument xmlProcess, XmlDocument xmlInputData, XmlNode activity, Activity newActivity, Process newProcess, String UserName)
   at SourceCode.WebDesigner.Authoring.Forms.GenerateProcess.CreateActivies(XmlDocument xmlInputData, XmlDocument xmlProcess, DefaultProcess& newProcess, String UserName)
   at SourceCode.WebDesigner.Authoring.Forms.GenerateProcess.Generate(String LocalHostConnection, String UserName, Int32 ProcessID, String InputData, String ProcessXML, String SqlConnectionString, String HostServerConnectionString)"


This issue can occur if you do not have SmartForms client components installed in your environment.

Troubleshooting Steps

Installing K2 SmartForms Client Components on the K2 Blackpearl server should resolve the issue.

- Run the SmartForms Setup Manager on the app server.

- Select the 'Modify' option.

- Install the client components and complete the configuration of the Setup Manager.