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K2 blackpearl 4.7 Now Available for Download

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Customers are K2’s priority and we constantly strive to deliver quality product innovations, so we are excited to announce the release of K2 blackpearl 4.7. 

The K2 blackpearl 4.7 release includes enhancements focused on end-user enablement, including K2 MobileSmartStarters, and deeper DocuSign integration. It also includes capabilities that empower technical teams with a new REST broker with Swagger compatibility, K2 ManagementApplication Lifecycle Management (ALM) and more. Read further as we walk through these exciting changes.

K2 Mobile

K2 continues to increase investments in its mobile platform. K2 Mobile for Android now includes offline functionality that enables users to view and action their tasks from anywhere, increasing productivity by allowing users to delegate, check process status, redirect, accept, reject, or send for revisions in real time. In addition, a new Universal App, K2 Mobile for Windows, is now available, bringing full support for iOS, Android and Windows-based devices.

New features for K2 Mobile for iOS help customers remain productive while on the go, including two new controls. Barcode controls enable organizations to digitally transform their business processes by leveraging K2 Mobile. For example, customers can scan a UPC or SKU to prepopulate information on a K2 SmartForm, making it easy to capture data for inventory management, asset tracking, or incident management. Image Annotation lets users mark up and add notes to images and attach them to forms using the K2 Mobile app, thus improving the quality of information shared and ultimately speeding up resolutions.

Managing the Application's Lifecycle

K2 improves Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) by providing proactive, real-time impact analysis on changes made to SmartForms and Views during design-time. ALM provides visual indicators to inform you of any issues with required data fields, controls, properties and rules. Notifications provide the option to keep or remove dependencies as you see fit. ALM also helps analyze dependencies on check-in, and allows for correction or cloning to avoid errors in deployment.

Integration Capabilities

The new K2 REST service broker makes it possible to integrate Swagger-defined services with your K2 SmartForms and Workflows.

K2's DocuSign integration has been enhanced, including updated workflow wizards, SmartObject methods and support for embedded digital signing and editing in SmartForms.

K2 now supports SharePoint 2016 and adds key enhancements to performance, forms rules and registering web applications, which simplifies application registration and activation management for the K2 for SharePoint app.

For more information on the supported third-party product versions, please see http://help.k2.com/blackpearl/support-matrix.

K2 Management

K2 Management offers a centralized, intuitive user interface for configuring and managing your K2 based applications. K2 Management enables administrators to centrally manage workflows, methods, user rights, security, roles, worklists, authorization settings and more. Quickly identify process errors and repair those errors.


As always, it is recommended that you install the latest release. There are two ways to install 4.7:

  • If you are upgrading from K2 4.6.9 or later, download the K2 Update Manager 4.7 to upgrade to the latest release.
  • If you are installing a new environment or upgrading from a release older than K2 4.6.9, download the full installers which will install K2 4.7.

To get any of today's releases, please visit the download pages on the K2 Partner and Customer Portal.

Installation Considerations

Please note that the following releases have specific prerequisites and an installation order that needs to be followed:

  • K2 smartforms 4.7 has a dependency on K2 blackpearl 4.7.
  • K2 connect 4.7 has a dependency on K2 blackpearl 4.7.

For more information, please see the K2 4.7 Release Notes (KB001745) and the K2 connect 4.7 Release Notes (KB000880).


Please use the K2 Partner and Customer Portal to open support tickets and/or contact your local support offices to report any issues. Additionally, the forums on K2 Community are available for community-based discussions. Note: K2 Community is a community Web site and should not be used for production support issues or for logging bugs.

K2 Product Team